A Woman Has Been Arrested After Being Abandoned By Her Lover In A Hotel

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    A woman was captured and confined of inability to pay her bills after she was relinquished by her sweetheart, Collins Moi, at a top of the line inn. The occurrence happened in Kitale city, Kenya.

    A lady was arrested and detained for over a week after being abandoned by her boyfriend at a high-end hotel.

    Hotel administrators said they had no choice but to detain her until the Sh100,000 bill is cleared. According to Skynest Hotel management, Collins and his girlfriend Marsha Amario checked in on December 29 at 5pm and booked themselves in for six days as part of her birthday celebrations.

    By the next day the bill had shot up to Sh9,000 and they were advised to make some payments but they did not heed.

    “We endeavored to connect with Collins to pay the bill when it was sensible however he reacted that he will pay the next day,” said Mr Timothy Simiyu, a director at the lodging.

    Following five days, when the lodging the executives instructed him to deal with the bill before being given more administrations he sneaked out of the inn leaving the sweetheart stranded.

    Last Saturday, he was called by the administration and he said he was at Kabarak and that they should treat his better half perfectly fine was sourcing for assets to clear the bill by the next day. The guarantee was not satisfied.

    Last Tuesday, Marsha called by means of the inn telephone and he said he was still at Kabarak and that he would send a companion however that didn’t occur.

    On Wednesday, he was said to have been inaccessible on telephone when his sweetheart endeavored to contact him.

    With no reaction, the administration called the police on Thursday. Marsha was captured and taken to Kitale Police Station and held medium-term.

    “He looked like a responsible person. He had so many friends who had surrounded him at the hotel and he bought so many expensive drinks for them,” Mr Simiyu said.

    At the station, Ms Marsha said she did not expect her boyfriend to abandon her after bringing her all the way from Nairobi.

    “He told me he was taking me to Kitale since he had a birthday surprise for me. All along I knew he was the one paying for everything only to find myself in this situation,” she lamented.

    On Thursday, Trans Nzoia West police boss Jackson Mwenga confirmed she would be arraigned.

    However, she was released Friday following intervention from a senior member of the Moi family who was said to have promised to clear the bill.

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