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    Hello RepNaijas,

    The much anticipated super exciting series Facebook girl season 6 is finally here with much more action and jaw breaking scenes.

    Get your phone & data subscriptions ready, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride as Onihaxy continues his tale of romance , passion & deception.

    Trust you all will enjoy it?

    Without wasting much of your time, lets get down to business.

    [Episode 1]

    Continued from the last episode of Season 5

    I was dumb after reading the text. I became confused and speechless and a lot of thoughts began to run through my mind while I was seated on the bed.

    “Have I impregnated her again?”
    “Have I contacted any disease?”
    ”What could the test be all about?”
    ”Hope I’m not in another serious trouble?”
    “Segun isn’t available to help me on Bimpe’s matter anymore”
    “Who else do I turn to?”
    “Could this be a threat?”
    “Or a ploy for her to see me?”
    “What do I do now?”
    “Now the inevitable has happened”

    I sat down, looking so stupid and hopeless, I thought of how I have been getting into trouble since the day I met Bimpe and cursed the day I met her. I suddenly lost appetite and it seemed as if my world was collapsing.

    I slowly remembered the day I met her, I remembered when I sent a friend request to her, I remembered our first conversation, how I asked her out and how we began our love affair.

    I remembered how she played me for a guy back then in Akure, I remembered how Segun chased her out of my room and how she disappeared from my life in the first place.

    I remembered how I was living my normal life until a friend of mine in Niger state lured me into a scam GNLD job.

    I remembered how disappointed I was when I found out about the job and how I left the venue in anger.

    I remembered how I was broke and how I tried finding my friend in Abuja until I heard that he relocated.

    I remembered how I was wandering along Abuja road until I was hit by a car and found myself on the hospital bed and suddenly, Adebimpe reappeared to me like a nightmare.

    I remembered how I made another mistake of my life by having sex with her on the hospital bed which was the beginning of my scandals.

    I remembered what happened to my credentials, how we started playing survivor games and all the threats.

    I remembered how I got an alternative to my credentials and how I was happy when Bimpe disappeared from my life again for the second time until I met betty and Bimpe suddenly reappeared again to my life as the wife of betty’s brother.

    I remembered how disappointed I was to meet Bimpe again in lekki. I remembered how we resumed the game of threats we suspended after I got a job at the pure water company in Ado ekiti.

    I remembered how I was shocked the day I found out that I was the father of Daniela.

    I remembered the oath we took and I remembered all that happened after then and I became confused on why bimpe keep on reoccurring in my life.

    I was like “why is our paths always crossing all the time?”

    “Why is it that the more I try to avoid Bimpe, the more I get caught in her web?”

    “Why do I find it so difficult to kill the feelings I have for her before now?.

    “Now the inevitable has happened, I now have a test result that needed to be discussed about.”


    This story will be updated every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. in case you need a copy of this season 6, simply send N300 Mtn Voucher to using your email address. or call +2348037737993

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