RN JOKE!!! Akpos Sad Experience – Episode 15 (The Stolen Phone)

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    Hello RepNaijas,

    Thanks for reading the previous Episodes of Akpos Sad Experience here on RepNaija.. Thanks for all the Comments also, you guys are wonderful.

    In case you missed any Episodes, Check them HERE.

    Let’s continue – No dull moments with RepNaija!!!

    [Episode 15]

    Yesterday was the saddest day in my life.

    I got to the Airport to board a flight to Lagos. Suddenly, I saw an elderly woman complaining about her stolen phone. I went close to see if I could help. At the same time, I was also downloading a PDF file on my phone.

    Immediately she saw my phone, she told the crowd that that was her phone which was an iPhone 8.

    For a moment I was so surprised, shocked and also very confused. She held me and slapped me.

    The crowd attempted to beat me up but luckily for me a policeman who was passing by came into the scene.

    He asked what was going on, I explained with tears all over my face.

    Then the Policeman was about sending us to the Airport Police Post but I still insisted that I was innocent. So the policeman asked the woman to call her phone.

    She called and a girl picked, apparently it was her daughter; “she said mum you left your phone at home when you were leaving to town“.

    Tears rolled down the more from my eyes because I had already been disgraced.

    The policeman told the woman to apologize, the woman brought out her Cheque book and wrote a cheque of 5.5 million naira and wanted to hand it over to me but I just opened my eyes stood up from my bed and went to urinate.

    Please I need your advice as a colleague;

    Should I return to sleep?
    Or to go & Treat Malaria?

Re: RN JOKE!!! Akpos Sad Experience – Episode 15 (The Stolen Phone) by Francis Peter Nk: 7:07 pm On February 9, 2019


    go sleep back

    Search the woman in ur dream maybe u will be lucky the real thing would herpen

    Return to sleep

    bad + good dream

    Pls return to sleep.

    hahaha Go back to sleep my guy

    oboy sleep no wake up again.just dey sleep dey go.

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