RN STORY!!! Adebimpe The Facebook Girl – Season 5 (Episode 24)

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    Hello RepNaijas,

    Hope you all enjoyed the weekend? – Nothing to worry about, God gat our back always.

    We bring you another Fresh Episodes of “Adebimpe The Facebook Girl”.

    Incase you missed other Episodes, Check them HERE

    Oya, let’s go – No dulling!!

    [Episode 24]

    I left segun’s house on saturday afternoon and went to my family house along side with segun to say hello to mum and my siblings.

    We hanged out till late in the evening, segun later left for his house while I saw him off, I stopped at a cyber cafe on my way back home to print out the doctor’s report that was sent to me from Adebimpe.

    I got home and filed it inside an envelope, I had a nice time with my family throughout the weekend and betty spoke with my entire family on the phone, in the process, I introduced her to my mum as my fiancee and mumsy was so happy that I finally introduced someone to her after a long moment of persuasion. She asked of my mumsy’s contact and they both exchanged digits.

    She promised my mum that she would visit her soon. I got confused again and I was like “was it not the same betty I was told I lost to one rich dude?”. I kept mute and was watching the whole situation.

    On sunday morning, i woke up and followed the family to church. Immediately after the service, I arranged my bag and departed akure for lagos. Bimpe kept me company by occupying me in a chat throughout the journey. We had gisted about a lot of things and I was amazed that I chat for over 3 hours non-stop.

    I arrived lagos late in the night and got home at few minutes past 10pm. I ironed the shirt and trouser I would be using the next day and went straight to bed thereafter.

    On monday morning, I left for work and arrived office as usual at 7:05am, I went straight to my desk, I discovered the cleaners are yet to clean it, I picked a rough paper and cleaned the desk.

    I exchanged greetings with the other staffs on the floor as I sat down on my chair. I placed my head on my desk and prayed for about 5 minutes, in the process, I heard the sound of the main door being opened but I wasn’t sure about who entered.

    As I was through with the prayers, I raised up my head and I saw a very cute sexy legs standing beside me, I raised up my head properly to see the face and it turned out to be funmilayo my boss. I was scared.

    ME: good morning funmi

    FUNMI: morning onihaxy. Where were you on friday?

    ME: eeem funmi, I wasn’t feeling fine and I went to the hospital.

    FUNMI: you went to the hospital? Or your girlfriend was around?

    ME: ***smiled*** not at all funmi.

    FUNMI: anyways, see me in my office and come with your doctor’s report.

    ME: ok ma

    FUNMI: ***looked at me with a frown***

    ME: I’m sorry, ok funmi.

    Funmi left my desk and walked into her office, I took time to compose myself before standing up from my desk, the other ladies who stayed on the same floor with me stared at me with this kind of “God don catch am” look. I knocked on funmi’s door and entered.

    FUNMI: onihaxy, sit down. ehn ehn!!!, where were you on friday?

    ME: ***pulled the chair and sat down**** I was sick and I went to the hospital.

    FUNMI: who did you inform?

    ME: I told my team-lead

    FUNMI: when?

    ME: on thursday.

    FUNMI: but I saw you on thursday and you were feeling too well?

    ME: the sickness started on thursday evening.

    FUNMI: ok, where is the doctor’s report?

    ME: ***gave it to her*****

    FUNMI: ****glanced through it**** hmmmmm, see lies. Anyways, go and give it to your teamlead, he knows what to do with it.

    ME: ok ma. ****stood up, walked towards the door and I was about to hold the lock***

    FuNMI: onihaxy!!!!!!!, come back here!!!!!!

    To be continued!

    Okay na,dat wowan just dey jealous


    I think funmi is Interested in him

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