RN STORY!!! House Of Lust (Episode 29 (18+)

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    RN STORY!!! House Of Lust (Episode 29 (18+) All Updated Stories
    Hello RepNaijas,

    We bring you another fresh episode of “House Of Lust” for the day.

    Let’s continue – No dulling?

    [Episode 29] Read Previous Episodes HERE

    For the first time, I arrived at the restaurant before Jola, surprisingly. I ordered for some coffee, and started reading the times.

    The restaurant was classy, bit too fancy and expensive for my liking. Tech called to check on me, asking not to choke and to reiterate on proving my point and leaving there, after I was done. He has set up a meet like this previously, and he caught me unawares, now I had to expect anything from him.

    “You ordered coffee already” Jola asked.

    He had just walked into the room at that moment, dressed up like James Bond, Tuxedo, Suede shoes. I thought he was coming from a meet someplace though.

    “Welcome, Jola, I had to, I needed something to sip”. I replied, still sizing him up and looked around the restaurant to see if there was anyone that accompanied him, because he promised he won’t bring any.

    He called the waiter, and told her to get him what I asked. She brought the drink in a jiffy, and he paid her, also gave her a tip. He sipped the coffee, while I pretended that I was reading the paper, after a while of silence, he asked me if I liked the restaurant, and I told him the truth, I liked it but it was too expensive, he laughed and told me I still amaze him.

    “I called you for this meet because I feel we have a lot of things to talk about, before the start of election next week”. Jola said.

    “Things like?, because I am really busy and I would like if we could go straight to the point ” , I replied.

    “Bossy, I like that, at least they say politics brings out the devil in you, something it shares in common with money, well, I am really sorry for my schemes, I feel I was too hard and I stabbed you in the back” He said, making his eyes dim, like he was really remorseful.

    “Oh, Jola, its ok, you’ve change my life, who would have thought I would be the next senator, ” I told him, smiling.

    “I want you back, Whitney, to our party, we have a lot to offer and we’d give you an office for commissioner in Lagos, what better way to start your political career”, He said, gesturing like he was one of those marketers that wants you to buy their products by force.

    I sighed, and then told him that it won’t ever be possible, I picked up my bag and prepared to leave. He called the waiter and told her that she should get water for me and coffee for him. I told him I didn’t need it and that I was going.

    This time, the waiter wasted time. This gave Jola time to still try to convince me, but I didn’t flinch. At a point, I told him I was going and that I didn’t need his water again.

    “You know another thing compared to politics, s*x, the joining of two bodies, with the male almost always on top and we have done that before, but have you seen us live in action? Like a sextape, because I have it and it’s edited to make them see only you, watch and share if you want “.

    At that moment, the waiter brought the water and coffee, i sat down and drank the whole cup of water, I took the phone he said the sextape was on and played, it’s true, it had been edited very carefully, that you won’t recognise the man.

    I sighed, placed the phone in his hands and left the restaurant……


Re: RN STORY!!! House Of Lust (Episode 29 (18+) by AYNL: 8:36 pm On March 13, 2019

    Trouble Looming

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