RN STORY!!! Manager’s Villa (Episode 12 (18+)

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    RN STORY!!! Manager’s Villa (Episode 12 (18+) All Updated Stories
    Hello RepNaijas,

    We bring you another fresh episode of “Manager’s Villa” for your reading pleasure.

    Thanks for reading the Previous Episode.. Thanks also for the Comments, you guys are simply the Best.

    WARNING 18+ ONLY!!
    This Story is not suitable for anyone younger than the age of 18. Please close this Page immediately if you are below 18. Thank you.

    Let’s continue – No dulling!!

    [Episode 12] Read Previous Episodes HERE

    S*x is sweet not until the repercurssions set in, maybe its an incurable disease such as STD, Spiritual attack, Magun (thunderbolt) or unwanted Pregnancy, then one begin to curse the day s/he was born and then begin to run helther skelther for solutions.

    I called Kzee, and with the speed faster than that of light, he got home, I left him with Halima to have their discussion, later he came in to meet me.

    Kzee: tee, thanks a lot ooo

    Me: wetin I do, abegi jooor

    Kzee: who else don hear about am

    Me: I don’t know if she had told anyone before, but na only me don hear am and now you dey hear am from me

    Kzee: ok, thanks. Have given her somthing to stop the vomiting

    Me: wetin u give her?

    Kzee: e no concern you ooo, let’s just say its lime

    Me: na true you talk sef, e no concen me cause when una dey enjoy the thing I no dey there

    Kzee: na you sabi. Abeg make nobody for house hear this thing ooo, abeg

    Me: I don hear. So how una dey prepare for antenatal

    Kzee: antenatal ko uncle natal ni, something wey we go flush comot now

    Me: haaaaa, Awusubilliah,

    Kzee: abegi…… You better leave that one you are saying, wetin u wan make her mama talk, she go jail me straight away ni. The girl have even consented to flushing it away.

    Me: how old is it sef

    Kzee: e no concern me ooo, maybe you should go and ask her

    Me: so when are you flushing it?

    Kzee: have done that right away, but we still need to watch her for two days to see if more will be needed

    Me: haaaaaaaa, you be criminal oooo. Shey you dey carry abortion drugs waka ni?

    Kzee: as u just call me, na hin I do the needful ooo, no time to waste time, delay may be dangerous

    Me: hope it won’t harm the girl sha

    Kzee: it wont

    Me: you seem so sure is like you’ve done this before

    Kzee: na you sabi that one ooo

    RN STORY!!! Manager’s Villa (Episode 12 (18+) All Updated Stories

    Well, I was making a new head way with another babe, she was pretty and tall, just as I like it. She attends college of education Ilorin. Infact I was loving this lady, her name is Kemi.

    Kemi and I were getting closer, but Halima’s case make we want to abstain from s*x, you know one can’t be too sure a CD won’t turn to a trouser when banging. So I avoided Kemi visiting.

    Everyone was on a lowkey in the lodge, only Jane do come to see Abbey. Talking about Abbey, he caught a new fish, her name was Yetty, she was one spoilt little brat, she gave Abbey a torrid time.

    Halima’s case was solved before it even begun, thanks to Kzee’s experience and expertise, it became our secret and Halima now was very free and close to me. She treated me specially and greet me with kisses sometimes, although I do warn her about it. I tried my best to see her as my sister, well I tried and almost succeded until one night.

    It was some weeks to exam, I was scouting with a friend in the hostel, I came back home on a wednesday and my guys all went to watch an Arsenal match. I had a lot to cover so I stayed back. I was busy solving MAT104 when Halima knocked on the door, she came in with only a wrapper on her. I really didn’t notice until she leaned to kiss me.

    I warned her not to, that she was Kzee’s girl and it won’t be well if Kzee caught us in such position, she told me there is nothing wrong in kissing one brother, I told her that my surname was different from her’s so we are not brothers.

    She sat with me and was gisting about a lot of things, really, she was disturbing me and I told her to please let me concentrate. Instead of her leaving she asked;

    Halima: what exactly is not making you concentrate

    Me: your presence here is distracting

    Halima: my presence or my b0s0m

    Me: Stop that!! Please leave

    Halima: you think I didn’t see you staring at my b0s0m the day I fainted

    **my JT by now was becoming hard with the taught of what I saw that day**

    Me: Halima, stop this rubbish and leave this room now

    She stood up to leave, then knowingly or unknowingly her wrapper loosed and lo and behold, Halima was Unclad down there. I saw the whole stuff, meeen this babe was fresh and so yellow, her punny were also yellow, a lot of yellow girls do have black punny, not Halima she was a fanta all through.

    It took her forever to get the wrapper back on her while I tried burying my head in my book, my JT was visibly hard, protuding the shape of my boxers and am sure she saw it. Then she asked;

    Halima: Tee baba, don’t you like what you saw

    Me: Halima, don’t you ever try what you just did.
    *calmly* see, Halima, you are a very beautiful young girl, and you have a very bright future, you don’t have to destroy it with all this silly attitude

    Halima: *soberly* I don’t understand you

    Me: what am saying is, you have a lot of great years ahead, I really like you, but as a sister. You are too young for all this. Imagine you having an abortion at 14, if your mum had heard about it, what do you think would have happened?

    Halima: tee am very sorry sir, its just that ever since the first time i saw you, I have loved your simplicity, I noticed that you are the only nice person in the room, and I just feel like appreciating you for everything.

    Me: you don’t need to show appreciation with your body, the regular food and kisses are enough. Oya come and give me a hug.

    She hugged me tightly and I kissed her deeply and told her never to try what she did today with any guy. She thanked me and left.

    I couldn’t even read my book again, I just went to join my friends at the viewing centre……..


Re: RN STORY!!! Manager’s Villa (Episode 12 (18+) by SHARLOUS SUNRISE: 3:04 pm On March 12, 2019

    this gal “halima” is something else

Re: RN STORY!!! Manager’s Villa (Episode 12 (18+) by AYNL: 7:37 pm On March 12, 2019


Re: RN STORY!!! Manager’s Villa (Episode 12 (18+) by stryka: 10:24 am On March 13, 2019


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