[Story] A Trip To Paradise – Expect The Unexpected! (Episode 24)

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    Hello RepNaijas,

    We bring you another fresh episode of “A Trip To Paradise” for the day.

    Trust you all will enjoy it?

    Let’s continue – No dulling!

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    Kachi relocated to Lagos to start his life all over again. Through the assistance of Martins and his friends, he invested the money he had in the oil and gas sector and also bought stock which was yielding high dividends at that time. In Lagos, he felt like an alien; first he was not used to the busy life of the over populated city but he was determined to adjust if that was what it will take to make it in life. He didn’t relent in investing his money alone, he did all sort of menial jobs that could fetched him extra income. As a mechanical engineer, he could fix automobiles and soon he got himself a job as a contract staff in Peugeot Nigeria. Although his salary was poor, he was a dedicated staff and soon he found favour in the eyes of his superior who recommended that he be made a permanent staff. All these while, he had tried to call Chioma who had refused to pick his calls. The only time she picked his calls was to tell him that she was getting married and that he should never call her number again. Soon enough, she changed her number and kachi lost every form of contact with her. That moment had felt like the worst moment of his life and it took the grace of God for him to have pulled through having contemplated suicide several times.

    Few weeks away from his white wedding, Terence decided to visit Funmi for fear of what she would do to disrupt the wedding if he refused to see her and pacify her. He was surprised to see her smoking shisha when he got into the room, he didn’t know that she smoked. He stood staring at her quietly when he got in, afraid to sit down for fear of her reactions.

    Terence: “can…can I sit down?” he asked when she did not acknowledge his presence.

    Funmi: “since when do you need to ask before you sit down?” she said drawing in smoke.

    Terence sat down quietly before her. There were some minutes of awkward silence before Terence who was feeling very uncomfortable spoke up.

    Terence: “I am so sorry” he apologised.

    Funmi: “sorry for what?” she asked casually.

    Terence: “Please, don’t make it more difficult than it is for me now. You already know everything and I am sorry”

    Funmi: “You know what? I think you are very stupid! What were you thinking? That you can get married without me finding out? Do you think you can ever run away from me?” she asked looking up at him.

    Terence: “I know that I offended you but then saying that I am stupid is just too harsh. What is it seff? Are you not married to your own husband? Why don’t you want me to get married? When I asked you to marry me, did you agree?”

    Funmi: “I know better than falling for that trap, you dumb ass. You wanted me to marry you and then you will convince me to write my will in your favour so that you can kill me…”

    Terence: “Funmi!” he interrupted.

    Funmi: “oh yes, that was what you had in mind but I can see through your pretence. By the way, I am not concerned about your getting married to some low life girl, I already got myself another sweet young man who is more endowed than you and who knows how to use his endowment even more. So, all I need from you is for you to return all that you stole from me” she exhaled smoke on his face.

    Terence: “Stole?” his heart began to beat widely for he thought that she never noticed all that he stole from her wardrobe the day he went to her house.

    Funmi: “Oh don’t even attempt to act surprised with me. You had the guts to steal from my jewelleries and my watch and give it to your wife who shameless wore them on your traditional marriage. If you don’t return my expensive jewelleries before the end of today, I will get you and her arrested and trust me, you will not get out of that cell for the next ten tears. And don’t you dare me; I have enough evidence to nail you” she threatened.

    Terence: “I am so sorry; I don’t even know what came over me. Please forgive me” he got on his feet.

    Funmi: “Apart from my jewelleries that you stole, I need you to return the car I gave you and all the properties that I got for you when I got you that apartment, when I say everything, I mean everything: electronics, furniture, kichen utensils, everything!”

    Terence: “Ah! You can’t do this now, I thought you bought all of them for me as gifts” he was suddenly sweating even though the room was fully air conditioned.

    Funmi: “I cannot do what? No, no, you just say that again, you said I cannot do what? I bought them for you to make your life comfortable for the time that we were together. Now that you have another companion, I need my things back. And just watch me as I call the police to help me retrieve all of them from you” she brought out her phone but Terence held her hand……

    To be continued.

    Getting hot


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