[Story] A Trip To Paradise – Expect The Unexpected! (Episode 26)

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    Hello RepNaijas,

    We bring you another fresh episode of “A Trip To Paradise” for the day.

    Trust you all will enjoy it?

    Let’s continue – No dulling!

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    The Police came around and arrested uncle Izu and took him away while some remained to pack up the corpse. The little girl who was watching with horror at the unfolding event kept screaming that it was her daddy who killed her mummy. The police also took her away and sealed the house as crime scene so that no one tampers with anything that could affect the thorough investigation that they intended to carry out in the house.

    Mr Fabian returned back to the house and opened the door, he was shocked to find his wife stuck in bed with another man. Although he knew that she was cheating on him and considering the fact that he caused their getting stuck together, he was surprised that she could condescend that low as to sleeping with a young man like Terence.

    Funmi began to plead with him immediately he came in to help them.

    Funmi: “Oh, honey, I am so sorry, thank God you are here. Can you help me out of this situation please?”

    Mr Fabian: “Funmi! Oh my God, so this true? You should be ashamed of yourself. What are you doing with this lad on our matrimonial bed? For God’s sakes, do you have to condescend this low?” he asked embittered.

    Funmi: “I am sorry, sweetheart. It is the work of the devil, it will never repeat itself again, just get him off me and I promise to be the most obedient and faithful wife in the world”

    Mr Fabian: “You break my heart, Funmi. I was hoping that all the rumours that I heard about you would turn out false but alas, they are all true”

    Funmi: “It is the work of the devil, my husband” she pleaded.

    “Leave the devil out of this, Funmi”, he screamed.

    Mr Fabian: “What exactly did the devil do? Was he the one who asked you to flirt around as a married woman? Do you know the sort of embarrassment you have caused me? Every day I receive anonymous calls from people who tell me they saw you in one hotel or the other with young men. What is it that I have not done for you? What does a husband do for a wife that I don’t do for you? No tell me, I am listening”

    Terence was scared out of his skin as he lay naked on top Funmi. When the door opened and Mr Fabian walked in, he had begun to pray for the ground to open up and swallow him. When it didn’t happen, he began to say his last prayer.

    Terence: “we are very sorry, sir. Just help us out of this mess and it would never repeat itself again”, he heard himself say.

    Mr Fabian: “will you just shut up your gutter of a mouth there? How dare you even talk in my presence? Who are you that you will eat from the same plate as me? You, a common boy from a very poor background, basking in the euphoria of my wealth which my wife out of her adulterous magnanimity bestows freely on you and your likes? Not only do you sleep with my wife, you also have the guts to come to my house and climb my bed. Do you know how much I bought this bed? If I sell you and all your family members including the next generation to come, the money I will make will not even be enough to pay for the sheets on the bed talk more of buying the bed. No my boy, you have walked into the den of the lion and you will pay with your life. You shall be used as a sacrificial lamb and your blood will fuel my political ambition, I assure you” he threatened.

    Terence: “Sir, please temper justice with mercy, I will never have anything to do with your wife again, it is a promise” he was afraid and wished he could jerk himself out of Funmi.

    Mr Fabian got up in anger. “Of course it will never repeat itself again because you will die today” he charged at Terence but stopped few meters away from them.

    Mr Fabian: “Yay! My chest, my heart, I can’t breathe. Somebody help me, he screamed.

    Funmi: “What is it, Fabian? She asked with alarm in her voice.

    Mr Fabian tried to reach out to his phone to call for help but he slumped and fell down with a thud on his face.

    Funmi realising that her husband may be in great danger began to scream for help, she didn’t care about her situation or the embarrassment of people coming to see her in that state, all she wanted was her husband without whom she was a nobody. Terence too began to scream for help at the top of his voice, he didn’t care about the shame attached with his situation, all he wanted was to get as far away from the Fabian’s mansion as possible before Mr Fabian woke up to make good his threat of using him as a sacrificial lamb.

    Mr Fabian’s driver was cleaning the car when he heard people screaming from inside the house. He ran in and was shocked to see his boss lying on the floor. His face took on a look of horror when he saw his madam and a young man stuck in bed. He moved from one to the other not knowing who to help. At last he made up his mind and decided to help his boss to the hospital. He called the attention of other domestic staff from the boys’ quarters who came and began to attempt to separate the two lovers, they had no choice than to scream out to the neighbours for help……..

    Thanks for reading this interesting story, see you guys tomorrow for a fresh episode.


    See gobe

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