[Story] “Ada” (Episode 8)

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    Hello RepNaijas,

    Here is another fresh episode of the brand new story “Ada” written by DJ Atm.

    Trust you all will enjoy it?

    Let’s get started – No dulling!!

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    My mind was directed at getting to her quick and fast, I didn’t know the living room would be full of people carrying worried faces: Nancy, Stephen, Becky, Bello, Edgar and the maids, some sat while others stood.

    I looked at them from where I stood in between the dining room and the living room, Becky always the one to be observant of her surroundings felt my presence, she looked at me from where she sat beside Nancy, who was looking scared out of her mind.

    She saw the look on my face, understood it, and immediately got up, Nancy watched her as she walked towards me, her eyes concentrating on Becky.

    Becky walked towards me, her eyes unmoving, just focused on me and said, “You’ve found her”.

    I didn’t say a word, just stared at her.

    “Talk to me” she said, sounding impatient.

    “I’m somewhere in Ajegunle” said Ada in my ears, my eyes moved from Becky to stare at the door unfocused, then I headed towards it.

    “I’m on my way, don’t leave that place”, I said as I walked, but then I stopped in midstride ‘cause someone had grabbed me by my belt hook, I looked down to my waist to the finger holding me, then at the face of the owner of that finger. Becky not caring that she was holding my belt asked again and quite determined.

    “Tell me it’s Ada please, tell me she’s ok” I couldn’t leave her this way but I didn’t, so I answered her.

    “She’s fine Becky, I’m going to pick her up” then I looked at Bello and said, “come with me, I need you, ‘cos if I go alone, God knows what I’ll do If I get the person that took her”.

    Immediately, Bello moved from around the couch from where he stood, got to the door, opened it, and walked out.

    Becky’s finger was still holding my belt hook, so I placed my hand on hers to gently pull ‘em off, she reluctantly let go, she looked scared and sad, this is not the Becky that I know.

    “I’m going to bring her back home Becky, you know she’s my everything” she nodded her head at me, then I continued “I’m bringing her back” I said, firmly.

    Becky nodded her head again then she stepped back.

    I gave her a chin lift, then walked out of the house, determined to make whoever took Ada regret ever doing it.


    I watched Becky as she stood there staring at the closed door, I know she and Ada are tight, but I never knew they were this tight. She looks broken and scared; gosh I hope Ada is ok.


    My head turned to the sound of Stephen; he sat beside me then took my hands in his placing it on his laps.

    “Are you ok?” he asked looking straight at me.

    I nodded my head meaning yes, then bowed it, I wasn’t ok, but I was going to be once I see Ada healthy and strong.

    “It’s ok to be scared, I’m scared too” I lifted my head up at what he said, he’s scared? Really?

    It’s like he heard my question in my head ‘cause he said.

    “Yes really”.

    I said nothing, just stared at him, I had nothing to say anyway, he always knows what I’m thinking, it’s like he’s in my head.

    “Ada, will be back, she will be fine” he said, looking at me straight in my eyes.

    I didn’t have the ability to answer, so I nodded my head. He kept on holding my hands; Becky kept staring at the door.


    I stood staring at the door, waiting for Ada to walk in; I can’t believe this is happening. Why her, who would want to take her?

    Earlier today, while I was at home. I got a call that Ada was missing, not missing per say, but just that she’s been gone for hours, no one has seen or heard from her, and her number wasn’t going through.

    I knew something was wrong ‘cos Ada never stays out more than 3 hours, especially when she goes to the market. So I picked up my cute brown Gucci handbag on my dining table, along with my phone on my coffee table situated in the middle of the living room.

    I had a bad feeling about Ada not being home for hours and I also felt I’ll be needed in the house, so I left. I left with the hope that Ada is actually safe and all this is just as a result of the traffic in Lagos…….

    To be continued.

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