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    Hello RepNaijas,

    We bring you another fresh episode of “Life With Spoilt Neighbours” for your reading pleasure.

    Hope you will enjoy it?

    Let’s continue – No dulling!!

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    It was obvious that Emi was hiding something and didn’t want me to see.

    I was’t insistent neither was i suspecting her.

    I just walked with her to her shop and we had little chat.


    ON FRIDAY i did’nt attend school cus i was running temperature after I returned home on Thursday in the rain.

    I was’nt fascinated on staying at home, cus its usually boring when you’re at home during school hours.

    My mom suggested i follow her to work so that I won’t be lonely, but i pleaded with her to let me stay at home, and If am bored, I’ll goto bro felix’s house.

    ##the few times i used to spend at my mom’s office was hell for me! Her colleagues pampered me too much (which i liked though). But It was a boring place in epitome! No children, all adults!

    I saw only few kids there on few occasions when they return from school to wait for their parents.

    That’s why i did’nt like going to her office##


    My mom prepared my breakfast and lunch and left for work.

    After taking my bath, brushing etc, I ate my scrambled eggs and bread along with milk. After eating, i took my drugs.

    Resting for a while, I then brought out my books to do the assignments my mom gave me.

    After doing my assignments,

    i switched on the TV.

    *seconds turned to minutes, and minutes turned to hours! I was bored!*

    ##I switched off the TV and dashed out to the main house. Getting there, I saw miss praise at their corridor, she asked me why I did’nt goto school, I explained to her.

    I heard miss Emillia’s voice and that of bro felix inside. I went in and saw both of them watching Tv. I greeted and they both asked me the same question miss Praise asked. After I replied, I sat to see what they were watching…

    It was some how an indecent movie, – in the film, a girl drank the Pour of a horse (am serious, no lies!)

    we continued watching movies and chatting and time flew.


    While still at the main house, I heard a knock on the door. Miss Emillia instructed me to get it.

    Opening the door, i saw Nonso##

    ”whats up?” – Nonso uttered.

    ”am fine o, have school closed?” – I asked.

    ”Yes, why did’nt you come to school today” – Nonso asked.

    ”Am not feeling too fine, i have fever so my mom said I should remain at home” – I replied.

    ”Lekins who is that?” – miss Emillia asked.

    ”Its my friend Nonso” – I replied.

    ##Nonso then greeted miss Emillia and she responded. They were familiar with Nonso cus He usually came to see me##

    ”lets go to your house na” – Nonso uttered.

    ”okay na” – I replied while departing from the main house.

    ”you won’t believe who came with me to see you, she followed me here” – Nonso said to me.

    ”who?” – I asked in curiosity

    ”she’s waiting for you at your door, you’ll soon see her” – Nonso replied

    ##getting to my flat, i was transfixed, dumbfounded and shocked when I saw Tasha waiting by my door.

    I did’nt know what to say, i just stared at her and was some how cheerful.

    ”big man, why did’nt you come to school?” – Tasha asked me.

    ”am not feeling too fine. I have fever.” – I replied while i got close to where she was standing.

    ”oh! I did’nt know, sorry” – Tasha replied while she used the back of her hands to feel my neck (to check my temperature).

    *I felt that useless butterfly running in my stomach.. I felt the current*

    ”have you eaten?” – Tasha inquired

    ”no,, yes! .. Yes! Have eaten” – I replied

    ##Tasha laughed. Then I opened the door for Nonso and Tasha to come in.

    We sat at the sitting room and chatted for a while. I was kinda shy ( I don’t really know why, i never felt like this before),, I did’nt even notice when Nonso went to my mom’s kitchen and brought out my lunch (beans and Yam).

    He signaled I and Tasha to come and eat, but Tasha declined. I was’nt hungry also, I just allowed Nonso dig my food alone##


    ”your house is very fine o” – Tasha complimented.

    ”thank you, so what did uncle teach today?” – I asked.

    ”alot o, well don’t worry, you’ll give me some of your notes, I’ll help you to copy” – Tasha replied

    ”thank you very much, you’ll also give me some of the subject that was taugh, so that I can also copy them.” – I uttered


    ##while I and Tasha were chatting, Nonso joined in after he had finished digging my food.

    ”Leke, where is Emilomoh?” – Nonso asked.

    ”am sure she’s back from school, she should be in her shop” – I replied

    ”who is Emilomoh?” – Tasha asked.

    ”my neighbours, she sells at the shop you saw outside.” – I replied

    ”okay, so do you have your own room? ” – Tasha asked

    ”yeah, I do. Its over there” – I replied while pointing my hands to my room

    ”wow, so can you sleep alone?” – Tasha asked.

    ”yes na, why not?” – I replied

    *Nonso coughed conspicuously. Cus He knew I most times do not sleep alone.*

    ”that’s nice o, you’re a big boy ,, unlike Nonso” – Tasha said jokingly

    ”don’t mind him o, he told me he usually slept in his mom’s room” – Nonso uttered

    ”shut up! Do you think am like you” – I replied

    *Tasha laughed*

    ##we spent some minutes laughing and chatting then Tasha requested for my notes to take home and help me copy##

    ”Well, Lekins its really nice to come over and know your place, but I have to go now, i took permissions from my dad that I wanted to see a friend who’s not fine, and he gave me 30minutes. And have spent more than that here, I need to leave now” – Tasha uttered

    ”okay. thanks so much for coming, especially for helping me copy my notes.” – I replied

    ”no problem class prefect, hope I’ll see you at school on Monday” – Tasha uttered

    ”yeah, ofcourse. Am sure I’ll be better by then” – I replied.

    ##I escorted her and Nonso to the end of my street and turned back home.

    I was feeling alot better when I got home.##


    ”who was that fine girl?” – bro felix asked

    ”my class mate, she came to visit me.” – I replied

    ”are you sure she’s not your babe? Cus you’re now getting badDer than me nowadays” – Felix uttered

    ”she’s my class mate, and I don’t have a babe” – I replied while I went into the main house.

    ##I stayed at the main house till my mom got back.##



    my mom woke me up early and ordered me to go and wash the plates and arrange my room.

    I did as instructed!

    It was about 9am when I ate my breakfast cus I and my mom had alot of cleaning on that day.

    After the cleaning, i took my bath, cleaned my teeth, applied cream on my body and ate my food.

    At about 11pm, my mom ordered me to bring all my notes that she wanna check them (as she normally does)

    I brought out 4, instead of 10.

    ”where are the rest?” – My mom asked.

    ”I gave them to my classmate to help me copy yesterday.” – I replied

    ”which of your classmates?” – my mom asked.

    ”her name is Tasha, she came yesterday along with Nonso because I did’nt attend school. So they came to see me” – I replied

    ”you better not be lying to me.. Or you do not want me to check them”- my mom uttered

    ”no ma, am not lying. She was the one who even required to have my notes” – I replied

    ”as from today, don’t ever give your notes to anyone to help you copy! Always write on your own. Is that clear?” – my mom uttered

    ”yes ma.” – I replied.

    ”bring your maths text book lets work on that topic you said you did’nt understand and where is the assignment i gave you yesterday?” – my mom asked

    ##my mom was my best friend, she still is! I told her everything (the good obviously).

    She is very calm and easy going. But I’d admit that I feared my mom more than anyone else.

    She never disciplines you the moment when you do something bad, but when you do something little, that would re-ignite her anger for the past wrongs you’ve done.

    I love her soooo much! But I was always careful not to fall outta line##

    *I and my mom spent hours reading and solving.. I always enjoyed when she lectured me. Even if you had a special brain and have problem with understanding, you must comprehend if my mom lectures you!


    ##my mom never really allowed me to cross the gate, especially when she’s at home. She only allowed me mingled with the neighbours in our compound.

    So basically, I and my mom spend the weekend indoors cus she also hardly goes out.

    *at about 2pm or thereabout, I heard a knock on the door. My mom stood up and went to check who it was.

    For minutes my mom was still at the door talking to the visitor that knocked at the door.

    She was some how asking the visitor questions.. All of a sudden, she beckoned on me..

    ”Lekins! ” – my mom called me..

    ”ma..?” – I replied

    ”leave whatever you’re doing and come” – My mom ordered.

    I ran immediately to the door to meet my mom.. Getting there, I was shocked at whom I saw standing outside the door.

    I was just so surprised!

    ”do you know this girl?” – My mom asked.

    ”yes mom, this is……

    Who could the visitor be na? Any way, we will find out on Thursday, so see you guys then for a fresh episode. Please comment o to keep the story interesting.


    Nice one

    Whoever,we shall see



    Nice one
    next please



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