[Story] “Mr Irresistible” – Irresistible Story! (Episode 5)

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    Hello RepNaijas,

    Thank you for reading the previous episode of this Irresistible story titled “Mr Irresistible” with so much actions. Here is a fresh episode edited by DJ Atm.

    Trust you all will enjoy it?

    Lets continue!

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    In the face of trouble I expected my d–k to calm down, but it is hard.

    She brought out a gun from her purse, where did she get a gun?

    stupid question, her dad is a 5 star General.

    The fear of death is the beginning of long life, fools try to be brave but eventually joined their ancestors before their time.

    My amu Shrink to a baby size, if you are a Judge to pass verdict on me, charged for adultery my shrinked d–k will vindicate me.

    I started brainwashing her with sweet poems.

    I know she love them, begging for my life and asking for forgiveness.

    If you want to know my inspirator and motivator is the gun.

    I don’t want to die young and leave all these boobs and tight pussies on Earth.

    She complained that I gave her heart with so much spaces, that I rent out to any lady with nice boobs and big a-s.

    Chichi sha…

    She own my heart, she is my soul mate, my heart alone belong to her but my d–k belong to any beautiful endowed lady that comes my way.

    I know for sure she cannot hurt me, I also feel the tears and heartbreak she felt, I warned my d–k ooh..but it refused to listen.

    She directed the gun to Chidimma, the headline will belike,

    Headline: former miss Nigeria, caught her beautiful husband cheating with her housemaid, and killed the poor girl.

    That means my enemies have won the battle.

    I dive like Jet Li and shield the bullet from touching Chidimma.

    I know Chichi isn’t in her right frame of mind, I lazy too ooh..

    Only one bullet at my right arm landed me in coma.

    Where is my wife?

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    Were boi

    Na for dick the bullet for hit u. It would have been better

    S T..,e no gud na., dat dick nai him generation dey oo……pls post tday own


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