[Short Story] My First Office Fvck (18+ Short Story)

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    Hi Guys,

    If You Missed Our Other Stories, Read Them HereThis Is A New Story “My First Office Fvck”, Read Below:-

    Lisa was serving in the organization I worked and was posted to the IT p Department. I was already waiting, eagle-eyed for my next prey after already successfully furking two female youth corpers posted a while back (Another story wink ).

    I had been transferred from HQ to another location still on the Island because the IT person there could not handle the issues that were beginning to overwhelm him and put the IT Department in bad light.

    So I was called upon. It was while I was there that Lisa was posted. I make my reports every Wednesday morning at HQ and as such, I resume there so that I can attend the Management meeting. I walked into the server room and met this stunning light complexioned babe.

    Average height, wide eyes (as in very Sekxy) and very ‘fresh’. I introduced myself and she did same. When she said she was a corper, bells rang in my head.
    We talked at length about a lot of stuff.

    As we talked, a few staff who came into the server room and saw me, hailed me and that really impressed her. After a while, I changed the ‘gear’ of the discussion into relationships and boyfriends.

    To cut the long story short, she was very very sensual and was not shy about it. She had quite a number of po.rn on her BB some of which she sent to me. I showed her my thread on RN (My Story) and she enjoyed it.

    After a week, on Valentines Day of 2011 I fu.cked her. She was so in lust that we did it in crazy places. In a commercial bus (she gave me a blo.w job), in the toilet of a colleagues house, kissing on the stairwell of the office, and then IN THE SERVER ROOM. That was my first time, and one of the best.

    I was at home on a Monday, enjoying the last of my two-day casual leave. At about 11am, Lisa pinged me. We talked at length and after a while told me that she wanted me to come around. I teased her and asked her why. She told me she needed company and that majority of HQ staff were on a retreat at Badagry. The office was dry. I soothed her and told her I was on my way.

    I had no idea what was to happen.

    I got to the gate of the office and called her. I told her I could not make it anymore.

    She nagged and complained and begged. I apologized profusely. Then I walked very quietly up the stairs and gently opened the door to the server room. She had earphones plugged in her ears and was backing the door. I cleared my throat very loudly and she turned around. She screamed my name, and got up giving me a bear hug. I gave her the Chocolate Ice cream I bought for her. She loved it so much.

    We talked for hours about a lot of things till about 4pm. All the while however, I could not help looking at her laps. She wore a very short black skirt that pulled up to the middle of her laps when she sat down. A purple shirt covered by a sleeveless sweat shirt. I complemented her severally about her legs.

    I got up to check if the staff bus was ready and her phone fell onto the ground from my laps. She bent to pick it and i saw a glimpse of her bo0bs. My d1ck went turbo hard. I went out of the server room to confirm the departure time of the bus. 4:30.

    I went back in. I tiptoed behind her and whispered softly in her ears:

    “I am so hard. What can you do about it?” I asked She just smiled and said “Naughty you. Go jor. The bus will leave you now.”

    I still had 30 minutes and I told her I really wanted a qui.ckie. She really did not give me any encouragement so I soft pedaled.

    At 4:15, I got up to go and reserve my space in the bus. As I opened the server room door, she turned her chair to face me and said:

    “Do you still want it?”

    The look in her eyes were familiar. Pure and unadulterated lust. I did not say a word. I closed the door, walked four steps towards her and held her hands. I pulled her up from the chair and walked with her back to the door, my back against the door.

    We kissed like crazy my hands ravaging the whole of her body. She was intensely hor.ny as I fondled her brea5ts. Her nipples were hard. Her eyes were closed as she said, “Kev… enter me. Please.”

    I turned her as she placed her hands on the table. I lifted her short skirt up and shifted her panties to the side with the middle finger of my left hand. With my right hand I guided my hard and bulging d1ck into her pus5y. My Gosh!!! She was so wet.

    I entered slowly and her pus5y was so warm. She had obviously been thinking about it all along. I started furking her faster my mind telling me to come quickly and I didn’t want to miss the Staff Bus. As I furked harder, the AC made her pus5y very cold. The sensation was mad.

    “Harder…faster..Oh….Keeeevvvvvv…” She moaned.

    I banged like a wild bull. holding her brea5ts from behind. As I was hitting her she was pushing her ar5e back on me.

    Replying my thrusts harder and faster. Just then, I heard the “pooon poon” of the staff bus meaning that the Bus would soon leave. I fucrked her faster and she began to pinch me. She pinches when shes is about to have a crazy org.asm

    “Ahhhh…..ohhhhhhh… cummminnnngggg” She said.

    I increased to triple turbo speed as I also ca.me grunting like a pig. “Hmmmm…
    osshhh….aahhhhhhh” I said.

    I quickly zipped my fly and took my bb charger. I was hurrying to meet the bus. As i stepped out, she pulled me back and gave me a deep kiss.

    “Thank you” she said.

    I smiled. No time to reply her.

    I hurried down the stairs as I simultaneously tucked in my shirt. I met the Bus as it was reversing out of the gate.

    I got on the bus, settled down and sent Lisa a BBM message:

    “I love you.”

    ***THE END***

Re: [Short Story] My First Office Fvck (18+ Short Story) by miss natty: 3:02 pm On January 16, 2018

    Gud story dat is gud.Luv it


Re: [Short Story] My First Office Fvck (18+ Short Story) by Ashii Shanius: 8:05 pm On January 19, 2018
Re: [Short Story] My First Office Fvck (18+ Short Story) by Anonymous: 11:49 pm On August 21, 2018
Re: [Short Story] My First Office Fvck (18+ Short Story) by Anonymous: 12:26 am On December 23, 2018

    Oh more
    i like ur stories


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