[Story] “The Victims” – A Fascinating Story! (Completed, Episode 1-26)

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    Hello RepNaijas,

    Good day and hope the week is treating you all nicely already? – Nothing to worry about, God gat our back always.

    We bring you a brand new story series dubbed “The Victims” on RepNaija.com… This is one story that will blow your mind. You won’t regret reading it. Don’t forget to learn one or two lessons from it.

    Trust you all will enjoy it?

    Lets get started – No dull moments!

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    Outside, the relentless fall of snow had at last abated, and everything as far as the eye could see was thickly shrouded in an extra generous coating of frosted white.

    I was by the window, admiring the beauty of nature when I noticed Shan walking down to my apartment. I shrugged and put down the mug of tea I had in my hands.

    Shan came by again to the house, this time with orchid and peony flowers. He had a full box of chocolates in a gift bag, he became genuinely rueful.

    “I am sorry Etiene.” He pleaded, putting his knees on the floor while I watched him from the window.

    “Go away!” I yelled shrilly.

    “Sweetheart please I beg You, I won’t ever lay my filthy hands on you anymore.” He said in a broken but loud whisper. my chest grew tight with trepidation .

    “Are you going to open that door for him?” Arusi my Kenyan roommate asked boldly.

    “I love him.” I whispered.

    “You will keep loving him until he breaks your head.” Arusi said angrily. Her comment instigated a train of thought that instantly perturbed me.

    “Do you think he is gonna do this again?” I asked.

    “Etiene, I am not wishing you a bad relationship, but he will sure do. How many times has Shan beaten you up?”

    “uncountable times.”

    “and how many times has he come to beg, promising that he won’t ever do it again?”

    “uncountable times.” I whispered again.

    “what makes you think this time is different?”

    “I love him Arusi. He takes care of me. He is paying my bills, my school fees etcetera. I can’t leave him. Everything outside is still frozen, and he still struggled to come apologize to me. He has a good heart.”

    When Arusi noticed that apprehension sounded in my voice, she gave a loud sigh and walked to the kitchen, while I opened the door hastily for Shan.

    “Thank you for letting me in.” He said, icy smoke ran out of his mouth in slow Motion as he shivered.

    Taking a deep breath, I moved restlessly from one end of the room to the other.

    “I am sorry my love. I won’t ever beat you up anymore.” He knelt down again.

    I was dazzled, I walked up to him and knelt with him too. He drew me back into his arms, holding me tightly. A passion flared between us, he began to kiss me softly.

    “Let’s get to my apartment” he whispered in a shaky tone. His eyes begged me for something, I knew what it was.

    I would do anything for Shan, My American rich boyfriend. I was his first black girlfriend whom he cherished so much, but something was wrong out of a beautiful perfection…….

    I know you are already loving the story but don’t worry we will continue tomorrow with a fresh episode. Please comment and invite a friend to RepNaija.com



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