Honesty is good oo but what they call “See Finish” is a very bad thing especially in relationship

As a guy, if you have got the opportunity to sit in talks with elders who have got experience with women, they will tell you never to let any girl you’re dating know everything about you.

They will say, it’s not like you’re not being honest, it is called an act of avoiding the consequences of “see finish” because women can use what they know about you against you.

You all should remember Samson and Delilah‘s story in the Bible.

Delilah always ask Samson about his source of strength but he will always scope her.

Until one day when Delilah told Samson;

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“How can you say you love me when you won’t confide in me”?

This question created a problem in Samson‘s heart and he told Delilah about his hair which is the source of his strength and it must not be shaved off.

Delilah ensured the hair was shaved off while Samson was sleeping and that was how his enemies, the Philistines captured him.

This thing still happens till today whereby women use what they know about men against them in relationships.

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