“High School Lovers” – Interesting Story! (Please Don’t Live Your Life The Way I Lived Mine)

The sleepover started at half past 10 when everything had been set in place. We switched off all the bulbs in the room except the security lights outside the apartment.

A candle was lit and placed at the center of the room. The drinks on the other hand were mixed with weeds, cigarettes and rolled blunts carefully arranged in a tray. Packs of condoms were made available too.

Mafiana and the rest of the girls are now going wild in the room already with the sexiest girl competition and there are just three judges. Tayo, Feranmi and I, the lucky guys.

Teemah, now almost naked rests her head on my shoulder caressing my thick thighs.

“nice boxers” she said as she slipped her hands into my boxers caressing my dick.

“Thanks” I answered while staring at her breasts. I couldn’t keep myself from darting between the swell of her breasts and her barely covered private part.

“That’s just it” she smiled “you are a very popular surprise and I still can’t believe you came for this sleepover”. Teemah said.

“Let the party begin!” Feranmi announced.

The bid to be the sexiest girl of the night is now driving the girls into nudity all of which we enjoyed.

“Line up girls” I commanded like I wasn’t bothered. Damn! Who would never want to have five beauties lined up in front of him ready for inspection?.

I stood up adjusting my dick as I walked, which doesn’t go unnoticed by any of the girls.

“Why do you still have your clothes on while we are naked?” Omotola queried, staring at the rest of the girls so they could join her in the protest.

“You are not naked yet.” Mafiana added.

“Do you want us to take off our shirts and boxers?” Tayo asked.

“Yes!” All the girls answered in unison.

“This is too easy” I mumured as I removed my vintage shirt clutched to my body tightly. I didn’t have model abs like Feranmi and Tayo but I still stay in shape with my nice and well positioned chest.

“Okay, it’s about to go down!” I said rubbing my palms together, moving towards Grace. Feranmi and Tayo got into formation too.

I stood in front of Grace making a show of inspecting her body from all angles starting from her breasts. I slipped my hands under the light skinned flesy parts and carried her large tits like I’m weighing watermelon.

“Nobody said anything about touching oh” Teemah said from the other end of the line.

“I don’t mind” Grace said quietly, biting her lower lips as my fingers slightly brushed across her pointed nipples.

Halimah stepped back in line but she was clearly nervous than she was before.

I wanted to examine each of the girls and give nice and positive accolades, I started talking to grace about my perception of her tits.

“These are heavy little beasts, aren’t they?” I asked as she nods her head in agreement.

“Everyone would love to take hold of this. Just like swords are important to warriors, so are breasts to you virtuous ladies of the world!” I added still fondling her heavy breasts.

Grace kept nodding her head, catching her breath as my hands glide around the sides and gently caressing her nipples at intervals.

“A guy would be crazy, not just to bury his face in these soft beasts but also to get lost in there and forget his sorrows.

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”Reluctantly, I lowered her breasts and planted a kiss on her lips. I moved to the next girl waiting Impatiently to be judged by me.

Halimah smiled and gave a shy expression on her face as I scrutinized her tiny breasts. I brought out a magnifying lens which I saw on the floor near the physics laboratory earlier that day to inspect Halimah’s breast. While the breasts are rather small or microscopic so to say, the nipples are not.

They are mature, long, thick nipples that evolved from the tiny breasts. With nothing to hold on Halimah’s chest, I gripped her nipples from the front rubbing my soft palms against those lovely nipples.

“Mmmmmmh” Halimah let out a moan as I move my hands in tiny circles, brushing against her nipples.

“You have lovely nipples” I said“ a guy could feast on them till the end of time but I won’t be that guy” I added and everyone in the room bursted into a loud laughter.

“Don’t mind Timmy, your boobs are wonderfully sensitive” Feranmi added hoping to make Halimah feel better.

“I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take much sucking to send erotic pulses directly to your pu$$y. You can surely have an orgasm induced just from those pointed nipples” Tayo added sarcastically and everyone burst into laughter again.

Halimah emits a noticeable shiver as I pull my hands away from her breasts and turned to face Mafiana and her huge breasts. Mafiana was smiling as I study her ‘bucket shaped breasts.

Her nipples were small compared to that of Halimah. I bye-passed the fleshy parts of her breasts and drowned my head in the space between her breasts. Looking at her at intervals for any sour expression but it seemed like she enjoyed every part of the show. I pinched the tips of her nipples, running my hands around it like I wanted to remove them.

Mafiana’s expression didn’t change until I put my fingers on both sides of the puffy areolas and twist them gently in half circles. She bits her lips and suck air through her gap teeth.

“So what are you going to say about mine Timmy?” Mafiana asked seductively as I continue to feed on her unique breasts.

“Honestly, I have never seen anything like them my whole life” I concluded.

“I can’t imagine how erotic it will be to my body against them like they do in those ball dance in European movies.”

“Seriously?” Mafiana laughed wildly “the ball dance? Why didn’t you just say sex?”

“That’s because ball dance sounds more of a good story plot than sex. You know that’s what Timmy Turner does” Grace replied her.

“Go on! What else do you wanna say?” Mafiana nods encouragingly.

“Erm, I was going to demonstrate. You know when you are in that particular position, rocking back and forth. A guy could get turned on by rubbing his chest against those little positively charged nipples.”

“Like this?” Mafiana asked pulling me against her body and rubbing her breasts up and down my chest. Sweet Jeesus! Her nipples feels incredible against my chest.

“Mafiana!” Omotola cried “what are you doing?”

“Making good use of my time” Mafiana said teasingly as she released me and moved back into the line.

Her nipples seemed to have popped out of their sockets anxiously awaiting more inspections.

“Thanks” Mafiana said planting a kiss on my lips, pushing me towards my niece. Omotola.

Now what?

Written by:- Ajagbe Ayodeji

To be continued!


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