A while ago, the tweet of a Nigerian gentleman went viral on Twitter when he revealed that he once upon a time, paid N18k for the nails job his girlfriend did only for her to remove it less than a week after.

His tweet caused a frenzy on the platform as people questioned why he’ll pay such an amount for a nail job only for it to be removed less than a week later.

A Nigerian satirist then, in reaction to the tweet said he can not buy a wedding ring worth N150k neither can he pay for nails that’ll cost him N18k.

He can however invest his money on his woman on things that he knows will be useful for him in the near future. He wrote,

I’m sorry, I’m not buying 150k wedding ring or paying for 18k nails. I’ll pay for other things far more expensive. I’ll pay for our child to be born abroad, or pay for her to get a PhD. But I’m not paying for 150k wedding ring or 18k nails. She can pay by herself. I’ll admire it.

Why do people attach value to things? Because it brings them some kind of sense of fulfillment. We all have different value systems hence why I didn’t say it was stupid to buy any of these. Buy whatever you want to buy. What you value is what you value.

Also since I’ll marry a woman whose values are very close to mine. I don’t think she’ll have a problem with this decision either. I’m not proving any other point asides those things mean nothing to me and as such, they are not priority for me.


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