[New Story] GOOD GIRL, BAD GIRL “The Story Of A Runs Girl” – Episode 1

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    GOOD GIRL, BAD GIRL “The Story Of A Runs Girl” – Episode 1, Read Below:

    “Rise and shine pretty girl.”

    Omote said to herself, after she counted the 200k Chief Akporo handed to her in cash.

    Omote thought of chief Akporo as a good man.

    He dashed her money without even seeing the hand of her brazier. She was aware that he was a Wealthy man, but Kennedy didn’t tell her that he had a mouth odor. An elderly man in his late 50s who slipped off his wedding ring just to see her face in a broad day light at the Sheraton hotel.

    Kennedy said when he showed him Omote’s pictures, his eyes widened. He wanted to see her as soon as possible before he leaves for the UK to see his family.

    “I be Warri man! Any woman wey I love, dey enjoy me well, well. I go give you anything you want. I don’t want to share you with anybody, leave those small, small boys dem.” He said huskily.

    She stared at him and then turned away.

    “Chief, I don’t have a boyfriend, but if you can be paying my house rent and then buy me a small car. Not Tukumbor o. Tia rubber!” Omote said, rolling her eyes.

    “No worry yourself, my name na Chief Esereshareberuo Akporovwovwuo Oghenefejoro, ask anybody of me, I do not break promises.” She giggled and turned her face away snobbishly.
    Omote went back home excitedly. It was one of her lucky, good days.

    The wind that blew that late afternoon caused her neatly fixed hair to scatter.

    She tried to open the door of the house and found out that her elder sister Tega was already home.

    “Did you get the job?” She asked as soon as she stepped into the house. Tega became calm for a while, then gave an audible sigh of relieve.

    “Silly people. Imagine, that man wanted me to sleep with him first, before he can give me the job as his secretary. If I sleep with him to get the job, shebi I will be sleeping with him all through to keep it?” She asked sadly.

    “Are you a virgin? What is there to just sleep with someone for five minutes and get a well paid job that will change your life. seriously Tega, I am so tired of you. I am the one feeding you and sending money home to Mama. When will you start supporting me? Me that slept with my boss to get this job I am doing now, did I die?”

    Tega stared at her, looking aghast.

    “Oghene! Omor, What kind of a person are you? If not that I saw when you were born one year after I was born, I would have said our parents adopted you.” Tega said softly. But before she had finished talking, Omote had started removing her shoes. She was used to her sister’s talks about how different she was from her.

    “Did you cook?” Omote broke the silence.

    “I am just coming back from job hunting, and you are asking if I cooked.”

    “But you got home before me.”

    “And so?”

    “We are eating out then.”

    Tega’s eyes lightened as she became calm.

    “Don’t worry, when I get a good job, I will reciprocate all these things you’ve done for me.”

    “Go back tomorrow, beg that man and tell him that you are ready to do it.” Omote said mockingly. She gave a sneering smile and widened her teeth. Tega stared at her as if she said something rude………..
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    Nxt plz its exicting

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