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    GOOD GIRL, BAD GIRL “The Story Of A Runs Girl” – Episode 2, Read Below:

    After they ate the Fried peppered chicken with the fried rice, and drank the chill coke, Tega began to fan herself with her bare hands.

    “Thank you for lunch.” she said with a stiff politeness. ” I can’t remember the last time I ate this much.”

    “Anything for my sister.” Omote shoved the chicken into her mouth.

    Moments later, Omote’s phone rang. She picked it up immediately.

    “It’s my boss.” she whispered, as she placed the phone to her ears.

    “Hello, Good afternoon”. Her tone became Loud.

    “Omor my baby. Can I see you tonight?”

    “At where sir?”

    “Our usual spot my baby.”

    “Okay sir.”

    “I will send you the room number in a bit.” He said and hung up the call.

    Omote began to chew her chicken noisily.

    “The way you speak to your boss is strange.”

    “He is my lover.”

    “I thought you were joking when you said you’ve slept with him.”

    “Why would I joke about a thing like that? He takes good care of me. In fact, he is the one who gave us money to rent our house.”

    Tega gave a great bellow of laughter.

    “God bless him. I hope he is not a married man?”

    “Before nkor? Is it a single man that will have that kind of money? He is married o with three children.”

    “Oghene! Omote, what of his wife? Don’t you know that it is a curse to sleep with a married man?”

    “In this present time abi? OgeheneTega, please leave my life for me.” Omote said calmly and gulped down a full glass of water.
    Her boss had undressed and was already in bed when she walked into the hotel room with a pretentious frown on her face.

    “My Omobaby! Come to Daddy!” She shook her head and still didn’t look at him.

    “What is it my baby? Have I not made you happy?”

    “Last time that we met here, you didn’t give me money o.” She said, folding her arms.

    “But I paid for your cab Omalicha?”

    “But that wasn’t my personal cash. You didn’t give me money after sleeping with me.”

    “I was broke that day. And besides, you are not a prostitute that I should pay after sex.”

    Omote felt a rush of anger now.

    “What was I before? I wasn’t a prostitute and you slept with me before giving me the job? I want money o. I cannot give any married man my sweet mango for free.” Omote said shrilly. Her face was in a bit frown. Her boss began to give a forceful smile.

    “Don’t worry, I will give you money today. I have been really broke since after I gave you money for your rent.”

    Omote had wondered why her boss always gets broke whenever he gives her money. She gave a sneering smile, and began to remove her dress slowly.

    Her boss shifted a bit towards the wall, his breathing ragged and he looked at her with so much intensity as he called her name…………
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    hmmn nawao what on earth is he expecting from someone like her?

    She should be careful wit this life of hers

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