RN STORY!!! A Trip To Paradise – Expect The Unexpected! (Episode 5)

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    Hello RepNaijas,

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    Let’s continue – No dulling?

    [Episode 5]

    Tom could not help but scream at his cousin sister to keep quiet, he knew her to be a talkative and so he wondered how the gentle Terence was able to cope with her.

    Tom: “ah-ah Vicky, won’t you even allow him talk first before you start making noise?” he asked her.

    Vicky: “Tor let him talk now, how long will he keep me waiting?”

    Terence: “Tom, you are the one who brought this idea so you do the talking”, he nudged at his friend.

    Tom picked courage and narrated to his cousin all that he had discussed earlier with Terence, surprisingly, Vicky listened with apt attention and wouldn’t say anything even after Tom had finished talking.

    Terence: “Baby, say something now” he ventured to say.

    Vicky: “what do you want me to say? So you even have the guts to tell me that you are thinking of cheating on me with an older woman? And you Tom, you are supposed to be my blood, you are supposed to watch out for me, how comes you the one behind this when you know how much I Iove him?” She asked with a shaky voice.

    Tom: “You know that I would not do anything that will hurt you and I have confided in you that I am also into this business and it pays well so you do not have anything to worry about” He tried to convince her.

    Vicky: “there is no sane girl in her right senses that will accept that her man sleeps with another woman for money. Such things only happen in the movies and I am not an actress so just stop it”

    Terence: “But it is for our own good and…”

    “just stop it”, she interrupted him, “in fact, I will not sit down here and listen to such rubbish. I can see that you are no longer interested in this relationship, you should have simply said so instead of coming up with different cock and bull stories. Have a good day!”she shouted and walked out on them. Terence wanted to run after her but his friend held him behind.

    Tom: “where are you going? Instead of you to run after this one, is it not better you run after madam Funke that would give you money?”

    Terence: “I am so confused man, I really don’t know what to do”, he confided in his friend.

    Tom: “you don’t have to be, by the time you start wearing the latest designer wears and driving the best cars, she will be the one to run after you. I know women” He concluded.
    Mr Fabian was pacing up and down in his well furnished sitting room deep in thoughts. Someone had called to inform him that he had seen his wife entering a hotel with a boy young enough to be her son. That was not the first time that he was receiving such a call but today he was particularly worried because he had been trying to call his wife all day and although her phone was ringing, she had refused to pick his calls. He thought of doing something to tame his wife but what it was he would do, he did not know. He picked up his phone to make a call but dropped it when he heard the horn of his wife’s Range Rover driving into the compound.

    Funmi: “Hello, darling”, she said as soon as she stepped into the compound and walked up to him and hugged him.

    Mr Fabian: “Funmi, where are you coming from?”

    Funmi: “Where else but one of my shops? I have to monitor those my sales boys and girls o, if not they will just milk me dry and then I will still pay them at the end of the month” She explained.

    Mr Fabian: “Didn’t you see my missed calls? Why haven’t you been picking your calls?”

    Funmi: “did you call me? I am so sorry, my dear. I was busy with the auditor and I had to silence my phone to avoid distractions”, she lied.

    Mr Fabian shook his head, confused as to whether to discuss what he had heard with his wife.

    “Please sit down, I will like to discuss something very important with you”, he said to her.

    Funmi: “oh my love, you can see that I have just had a long day. Can’t whatever it is wait? I need to rush upstairs, freshen up and rest so that I will be in perfect shape for the party I have to attend tonight”

    Mr Fabian: “Which party again?” he had hoped that they would spend their evenings together in the house.

    Funmi: “the house warming party of Iyabo now, ah so I did not even tell you that the party is in her Banana Island residence tonight? You need to see the house she acquired for herself. That should be her 40th house or so, the party will be tight gan. She invited all the happening musicians in this country and I am sure all the top politicians in this country will attend, you should make yourself available so that we can attend it together” She said with a broad smile on her lips.

    Mr Fabian: “you know that I am not really a public person, I would rather we relax at home and chat over a bottle of chilled wine” he said.

    Funmi: “Ah, rara o, I have to attend that party. Do you know how much we spent on her aso ebi? I already bought all the jewellery and shoes and bag that will go with the material, I placed orders for them from Italy and they just arrived this afternoon, everything is worth over 7 million naira and you say I should sit at home? No o” She protested.

    Mr Fabian: “7 million naira! Funmi, in this recession? Ejo, take it easy o, ah” He cautioned her.

    Funmi: “Recession is just a word where my husband is jare. Ehen, sweetheart, I would need mint notes of let’s say N500, 000 so that I can use it to spray the musicians that will perform. I know you never run short of mint notes so that shouldn’t be a problem”, she said as she planted a kiss on her husband’s forehead and ran upstairs.
    Several minutes after the air hostess gave the safety tips for emergency landing, God answered the supplications of different voices and hands that were raised up to him and the weather began to cooperate. Soon, there was stability in the aircraft and it felt like all was meant to be well.

    Hours later, they arrived at Bullhead international airport to Kachi’s relief. He muttered an inaudible prayer to God as he made his way from the arrival wing of the airport. His uncle had promised him that he would be on ground at the airport to pick him and so Kachi was relaxed as he walked around in search of his uncle. So many people were around to pick their guests and some had the names of the people they were there to pick boldly written on card board papers, when after more than twenty minutes of searching he didn’t find his uncle, he became worried. He watched as different people located those who came to pick them and drove off leaving him walking around aimlessly with his box. He brought out his android phone to check for his uncle’s number but the phone was switched off because his battery had gone off while he was in the plane. Again, he remembered that there was no way he would be able to make the call since the sim card he had was a Nigerian number. He walked around, at a loss on what to do.

    Kachi: “My God, I hope that my uncle didn’t deceive me o, he promised that he would be here before our plane lands to receive me, so why is he not here now? I have heard cases of where people invite their relations to America only for them to abandon them at the airport. Ah, Kachi, after all the mouth that you have made to the people back home, so this how you are going to be deported back? Imagine the money I spent on ticket, if I used it to start a business in Nigeria, it would have been better for me”, he soliloquized.
    Back home, Chioma was anxious about Kachi’s welfare. Before he left, he had promised to call her as soon as their plane landed on the ground. She had tried calling him for the umpteenth time but his number was not connecting which was not unexpected. Her mother watched her daughter’s anxiety all day and couldn’t help but reach out to her.

    Mama Chioma: “Why are you walking up and down like a woman who is in labour?” she asked her worried daughter.

    Chioma: “mama, I have not been able to reach Kachi till now o and he promised me that he would call me as soon as he lands. I hope something has not happened to him on air o” She lamented.

    Mama Chioma: “What do you expect? I have always known that Kachi will abandon you as soon as he sets his feet in the white man’s land. You better open your eyes and get yourself another man before it is too late. I have told you my own o”. She turned away.

    Chioma was confused, instantly she began to regret why she had not entered into the blood oath with Kachi, that would have saved her the fear of losing him to another woman. She was at a loss, afraid that her mother may be right after all mothers’ could easily see what their children could not see from a far distance.

    Chioma: “maybe I should go into another relationship just in case Kachi breaks my heart. Yes, I think it is a good idea, I will not have any form of intimacy with the man, I will just keep him as a spare suitor in case Kachi messes up. Yes, that is what I will do!” she thought.

    Question: Less than 24 hours after Kachi’s departure and Chioma is already having second thoughts. Is this how unstable a woman’s feelings are? Do you think she should go for the spare boyfriend?

    She Shouldn’t Jor

Re: RN STORY!!! A Trip To Paradise – Expect The Unexpected! (Episode 5) by Golden Crown Gifted: 5:49 pm On February 12, 2019

    Chioma Is Very Bad

    My broda,women re like dat

    Dats so Nefarious of her..

    No she should not


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