RN STORY!!! A Trip To Paradise – Expect The Unexpected! (Episode 6)

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    [Episode 6]

    Kachi was walking around aimlessly when a group of security personnel who had been watching him as he was walking around drew near and accosted him.

    Policeman: “Is there any problem sir? You have been roaming around for the past one hour after you arrived.” The smart policeman asked politely, in his thick American accent.

    Kachi: “Er..I..I am…waiting?” he stuttered.

    Policeman: “You are what? Can I see your papers?” he asked as he kept staring at him suspiciously.

    Kachi brought out all his travel documents including his visa and international passport.

    The policeman took his time to go through it and gave it back to him.

    Policeman: “Everything is in order. Why are you still idling around here?” He spoke briskly.

    Kachi could not make out what he was saying because he seemed to be speaking from his nose and he is speaking in a hurry as if he had hot food in his mouth.

    Kachi: “what did you say?”

    Policeman: “You may find your way to your residence now; it is not advisable to be loitering around here”.

    Kachi muttered an inaudible thank you and went away, he was about moving to another part of the airport when he saw his uncle walking briskly towards him and waving a placard with his name boldly written in upper case.

    Kachi heaved a big sigh of relief and ran into his uncle’s arms.

    Kachi: “uncle, I was afraid that you had abandoned me here, it’s such a great relief to see you. How are you and the family?”

    Uncle Izu: “I am sorry my dear, I didn’t calculate the time difference well. I hope you have not been waiting for too long?” he asked as he collected his nephew’s box.

    Kachi: “Well, I have been here for a while. Can you imagine that some security men even came around to ask what I am doing here? The white man is so organised men, if na Naija now, if you like dey waka up and down for one week, nobody go even look your side talk more of asking you wetin you dey find” he replied, quite impressed.

    Uncle Izu: “Well, they are very security conscious here; they believe that strangers can pose serious security threat so they are always very careful when they see foreigners walking about aimlessly”.

    Kachi noticed with great admiration how neat and orderly the streets were as they drove home in his uncle’s car.

    “So, how are our people back home?” his uncle asked as he took a turn away from the street of the airport.

    Kachi: “we are fine; it is only hunger that is killing us” He replied, his thoughts drifting to Chioma.

    Uncle Izu: “yeah right, hunger is everywhere” He replied casually.

    Kachi: “ah, Naija hunger is raised to power 10 o, many families find it very difficult to afford three square meals a day. Coupled with the fact that the recession is hitting hard on every sector of the economy, the suffering back home is better imagined than experienced” he said, sadly.

    Uncle Izu: “and you think the situation is better here? Do you know the sort of jobs people have to do to survive here?”

    Kachi: “it is better here o, that is why Nigerians can take any sort of risk to escape the country. At least even if I earn 100 dollars here every day, that is big money per month if you convert it to the naira”

    Uncle Izu: “But what is the sense in that? Many of these desperate immigrants end up getting deported, some drown in the Mediterranean, some end up in prison for different crimes ranging from drugs to prostitution. So, why don’t they stay behind and make Nigeria better? There are no jobs here too you know” he replied hotly.

    Kachi felt like punching his uncle on the face. He could not imagine that a man who had abandoned Nigeria for more than ten years was here talking about young people remaining behind in the country and making it better.

    “Why didn’t he stay behind to make the country better? Why did he run away from Nigeria immediately after his first degree? Why didn’t he stay behind and hustle in Nigeria? In fact, why did he marry an American woman instead of him to return home and help a Nigerian’s destiny by marrying her?” he thought.

    Uncle Izu: “You seem so far away, what are you thinking about?” his uncle’s baritone voice cut through his chain of thoughts.

    Kachi: “sorry uncle, I was thinking of Chioma, the girl I told you about. I am sure she would be very worried now because I promised to call her as soon as I set feet in America. Please can I use your phone to call her?”

    Uncle Izu’s expression changed. He always felt nostalgia when people talked about their lovers back home in Nigeria because he knew how he had abandoned the girl he promised to marry back then in Nigeria. “hmmn, so you have a woman waiting back home for you?”

    Kachi: “Yes uncle, can I use your phone now?”

    “Of course, go ahead and call her”, uncle Izu said as he turned away, in a bid to conceal from his nephew the tears that was brewing in his eyes.
    Terence made his way to Cape hotel in central area where madam Funmi was waiting for him. After days of encouragement from his friend, he had decided to go ahead and enjoy all, that madam Funmi had to offer. She was wearing a loose kimono over a plain black trouser and a designer t-shirt. In a second, Terence could see that she had gold earrings and bracelets all over her. He made a mental note to steal some as time went on.

    Funmi: “I know you would come around. How are you?” She asked with expectation in her eyes.

    Terence: “I am fine, ma. Sorry Funmi” he replied, hesitantly.

    Funmi: “Hahaha, I can see that you are a fast learner”. She said as she ushered him into the room.

    Terence: “I must confess that you look sexy”, he said turning on all his charms.
    Funmi felt a million butterflies in her stomach and she blushed. “So, what do you have for me today, she said as she picked the intercom to place orders for drinks.

    Terence: “You wanna see what I have got? Okay, I will show ya” he walked up to her and gave her a passionate kiss which lasted for only few seconds in reality but appeared like eternity to Funmi.

    Funmi wanted them to get down to business but for the knock on the door. Terence opened and their order was brought by the waiter. He made to open the bottle of Andre wine but she stopped him.

    Funmi: “That can wait but this”, she pointed at the cookie in between her legs “can’t wait”

    Terence: “for real? You want it that bad? Ama give it to you so hard you gonna beg me to stop, mama”. He flirted with his eyes.

    He drew her close and took his lips in his own. He kissed her passionately, devouring the interior of her mouth with his tongue. He laid her gently on the bed and undressed her, he was not really impressed with what he saw, age and childbirth had left indelible signs which disgusted Terence on her body but he overlooked them and went ahead to work on her. He knew she wanted it badly but he had resolved not to enter her until she had granted his request which he was yet to make. She brought her hand in between his legs and moaned when she felt his hard and fully erected manhood. Terence saw this as an opportunity and brought out his manhood and gave it to her. She screamed at its length and size.

    Funmi: “You are so endowed down here”, she exclaimed excitedly.

    Terence: “yeah, you can say that again…”

    Funmi: “Enter me”, she said and spread her legs widely apart.

    Terence: “I will but I need a little favour from you” He said.

    Funmi: “Anything for you, you just say it”. She said filled with expectation.
    Mr Fabian was on his way home when he saw an anonymous number calling him. He picked the call and ordered his driver to slow down.

    Caller: “Hello, sir. Your wife is at Cape hotel with a boy young enough to be your son and I can confirm that they are having hot sex right now. Hurry down here if you want to catch them red handed”. The call went off before Mr Fabian could say anything.

    Question: What does Terence want? Should Mr Fabian go to confront his wife in the hotel?

Re: RN STORY!!! A Trip To Paradise – Expect The Unexpected! (Episode 6) by Golden crown gifted: 5:15 pm On February 13, 2019


    Yes he should go


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