RN STORY!!! “Bruises” (Episode 8)

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    Hello RepNaijas,

    Your Favorite episodes story “Bruises” Is back as promised.

    Checkout previous episodes HERE incase you missed any.

    Oya let’s continue – No dulling!

    [Episode 8]

    I smiled at the question Ideraoluwa asked when I remembered Rashad’s good heart. My life wouldn’t have turned out this way if Rashad was around.

    “I didn’t do anything to them Idera, that was Rashad way of saving me”, I answered.


    Rashad took me by the arm and pulled me through.

    “I’m sorry sir, what have I done?” I asked with my heart beating fast.

    No word from him as he kept on with his straight looks.

    I kept on begging and weeping but he didn’t seem to care.

    After a while, he stopped and looked at me.

    “Calm down man! I’m not here to hurt you, I’m here to save you”, he said in his baritone voice.

    “Ha! Save me ke? How do you expect me to believe that when you came to me in this manner?” I said in fear.

    “You don’t have to believe that I’m here to save you, my actions will speak for itself” he answered.

    “Anyway, you should count yourself lucky that I got there on time. Not only will Bosun use you as a scape goat, he’d also involve his political father and who knows, you might become a thing of the past in just one minute” he added.

    Tears rolled down my eyes and I didn’t know if I should thank Rashad or just keep disbelieving him.

    “But why me? Why do you want to help me?” I asked.

    “Let’s just say I feel sad for you. I saw how you stormed out of your class that day when you and pince jay had issues. I must confess your courage was next to none. No one ever stood up to those guys like that, you’re the first i have seen in your set. Let’s just say this explains all, I like people like you around me” he said.

    The hot knot of tension I was holding in my stomach when I heard this loosened. I looked back at him scared and unsure of what next to say but I summoned courage to say;

    “What can I possibly do for you? I’ve nothing to repay your kind act. I’m very grateful but what can I do?” I asked still scared.

    “Hmmmm!” he said looking around skeptically when he finally said; “nothing for now”. “Let’s get you back to your hostel so you can relax” he said.

    We both fell quiet as we approach a black Camry car parked beside a tree. Rashad opened the car while he signaled for me to hop in.

    “Where are you taking me to?” I asked in fear.

    “To your hostel man”, he replied calmly.

    “Okay! I’ll need to direct you” I said.

    “I don’t think you need to. Rashad knows everything he wants to know. So don’t bother about directing me, just hop into the car and relax” he said.

    The drive to my hostel was quick and quiet. I got to the hostel in no time while I rushed into my room. Rashad gave me his number while I was leaving and he also asked that I check up on him from time to time.

    I laid down on my bed thinking of all I’ve gone through in life. All these thoughts was what I was pondering on when sleep found me.
    Rashad and I have been friends. I go to his house every other time. He takes care of me like my brother.

    I don’t even bother to call daddy for money anymore because Rashad does all that and more. When asked why he’s doing that, he’d simply say I remind him of himself and he doesn’t want me to end up like him.

    Not like I do all that for free though but Rashad started to give me more money when I help him and the rest of the guys with their assignment and other things that had to do with class activities.

    Although we were not in the same class, Fresh and Ajanaku were in their penultimate year while Rashad was in his final year while I was in my first year. We all were in the same department.

    I attend classes for Rashad because his classes don’t clash with mine and this enables me to be able to help with his assignments and tests.

    Rashad already realized how intelligent I was in my first semester when I made a 4.3 gp he was so proud of me that he changed my phone.

    He said I was becoming what he wanted to be. But what I do for fresh and Ajanaku is that I collect assignment from the intelligent ones in their class and paraphrase the words. They do their tests themselves for lecturers they can’t intimidate. This little job of mine has earned me a lot.

    In fact, I even send money to my sisters without my daddy’s knowledge because I wouldn’t want daddy to start asking me what my source of income is. Even if I tell him the truth he might want to ask how Rashad and the guys get money which I don’t have an answer to either.

    I was in the Rashad’s room doing assignment as usual when I heard a knock on the door. I rushed to the door and I saw fresh and Ajanaku standing, looking sad. I asked what happened but they shoved me away saying; “what does a small boy like you know?”

    “Where’s Rashad?” they asked.

    “I don’t know” I said too.

    They sat down on the couch waiting for Rashad. I wonder what it was they wanted to say. I can’t say for sure what these guys do. Rashad makes sure they don’t talk in my presence. In fact, whenever Ajanaku and fresh plays with me too much, Rashad always ask them to keep off.

    Rashad came in no time.

    “Guys, what’s the update?” he asked.

    They were about talking when Rashad noticed I was there.

    “Olakunle, give us few minute” he said signaling for me to go outside.

    I went outside, stopping at the door step trying to eavesdrop but I could barely hear a thing as they were talking in hush tones.

    I gave up on listening to them as I couldn’t hear them. As I was about leaving the doorstep, fresh came and asked me to go inside. I went in and it felt like there was tension in the air.

    I ignored them and continued with my school work. They all left the room after some hours.

    “Olakunle, we’re heading out, And I’m not sure we’d be back soon”, Rashad said.

    “Just lock the door when you’re leaving and keep the key beneath the foot-mat” he added.

    “Okay!” I said eyeing him carefully like I was about to figure out what was going on.

    “You have money to feed yeah?” He asked.

    “Yes”, I answered.

    They dashed out of the room while I continued with my school work still wondering what was going on.

    I slept off after some minutes.

    “Open this damn door” a voice said.

    “No, I won’t”, I said in return.

    “Okay! Wait till I pull the door down and afterwards burst your brains with my golden gun”, the voice said angrily.

    Sweat covered me, I was so scared and I didn’t know what to do.

    “I’ll open the door but please don’t shoot me” I said to the angry voice.

    I was about opening the door when another voice said; “leave the boy alone”.

    I immediately recognized it to be Rashad’s voice and I was happy my savior was around.

    “Don’t ever come near him again”, Rashad said.

    “Okay sir!” The other voice said in a scared tone.

    My heart was beating so fast as I woke up back to life.

    God! It was just a dream. What sort of dream is this? I asked myself.

    “God! Isn’t Rashad just a good person? He’s my savior in real life and he’s also my savior in my dream. God bless him for me” I thought to myself.

    I looked at my phone laid beside my pillow and I realized it was past 2.

    I’ve not even eaten I thought to myself.

    I was about going to the toilet to urinate when I heard foot steps. I immediately rushed to get my shoes in the room so that I can hit it on the person in case it was my dream coming true.

    “Who are you?” I shouted at the huge figure standing in front of me backing me.

    Something tells me it was Rashad but I wasn’t so sure as I said;

    ”who are you?” I said this time in a louder tone.

    The figure turned to me and behold it was Rashad with a gun in his hand and blood stain on his top.

    “Ha! Ibon” (gun) I clamored.

    “What the fuck! Why are you still here? Didn’t I ask you to go home?” He asked still holding the gun.

    I was already in tears while my legs couldn’t keep up with the floor as they were shaking badly.

    “Rashad, what are you doing with gun and blood stain on your clothe” I asked in absolute fear.

    “Shhhhh! You didn’t see anything, go back to bed”, he said fiercely as he left me standing alone in the sitting room.

    I fell on the ground sobbing like a child.

    Ha! God what’s going on like this? Why’s Rashad with all that? Is he not my real enemy like this? God help me ooo!!! I said crying……….

    To be continued.

Re: RN STORY!!! “Bruises” (Episode 8) by Golden Crown Gifted: 5:09 pm On February 11, 2019

    You Are A Gonner

Re: RN STORY!!! “Bruises” (Episode 8) by AYNL: 7:57 pm On February 11, 2019

    If He Hadn’t Saw Rashad,he Wouldn’t Have Joined Them I Guess

Re: RN STORY!!! “Bruises” (Episode 8) by Stryka: 6:36 pm On February 14, 2019


Re: RN STORY!!! “Bruises” (Episode 8) by Sally Nwaeze: 1:19 pm On March 5, 2019


Re: RN STORY!!! “Bruises” (Episode 8) by Anonymous: 4:31 pm On July 5, 2019

    Nice one

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