RN STORY!!! House Of Lust (Episode 4 (18+)

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    Hi Guys,

    WARNING 18+ ONLY!!

    This Story is not suitable for anyone younger than the age of 18. Please close this Page immediately if you are below 18. Thank you.

    Let’s continue – No dulling?

    [Episode 4] Read Previous Episodes (HERE)

    “What took you so long?” Jola had asked. I could see he was in a good mood and I didn’t want to spoil his fun by telling him what just happened with the Governor, so I played along.

    “The Traffic was mad, I even slept off in the taxi, the cab driver started shouting that I was wasting his time when he tried waking me….” I said looking embarrassed.

    I liked Jola, We had this understanding from day one and everyone had thought we were dating after we started conversing more.

    “Didn’t he know he was driving the next First Lady in his taxi” Jola teased. I expected that, Jola knew how to get anybody out of a bad mood, I think that’s why the Governor appointed him Chief Of Staff, to create a lively working environment. At least, that’s something Alhaji Rauf (The Governor) would say.

    “I am just a press secretary, Jola, he would have recognised me if I was the first lady” I added still looking embarrassed.

    He knew I didn’t take the joke and I wanted him to do something other than talking. I wanted him inside me.

    “Do you care for some wine?” He asked. I nodded , and he poured some for me into a cup and passed it to me. I had just taken my first sip, when he told me.

    “They want me in Senate, the party, they offered me a seat today”.

    I choked, and he gave me some water, I didn’t expect this at all and it was some very good news because someone would have to replace him as Chief Of Staff. I thought that was the reason he called me.

    “Wow, Jola, are you going to take it, I mean you have to ” I said, smiling for the first time since I entered the room. He looked at me smiling too, and then he started laughing.

    “I know you want my Job, Chief Of Staff, you want me to take the senatorial nomination, you couldn’t even say congratulations, you always thinking about yourself”.

    I had forgotten to even congratulate him, Silly me, I moved to him and took off some buttons from my shirt, at least this got to him as I saw him dropping his cup”.

    I drew close and gave him a hot soft kiss on lips and withdrew after about five seconds, my b0s0m pressing against his chest, he liked it, I could see he was smiling with his eyes closed”.

    I continued kissing him and started to UnCloth him, he fondled with my breasts as I did this.

    I had stripped him to his boxers, when he said; “Lie Down, let me take care of you”.

    He did his bit of undressing me too, but he didn’t stop until I was completely Unclad, he kissed me on my forehead down to my b0s0m and started moving to my [email protected]

    I had this vibration all over my body, I knew I was going to give in to m0an!ng soon enough.

    He started massaging my cl!t with his lips, he was a pro at this, he kept on licking for 5 minutes, I just covered my face with a pillow, and m0aned loudly. He started rubbing his J0yst!ck against my [email protected]

    “Just bang me ” I said. He slid in, started thrusting slowly and slowly but then I wanted it fast, he wasn’t Alhaji.

    He seemed to understand my body language as he started moving and thrusting fast, i could feel the s£nsat!on all over my body, Jola knew how to bang abeg.

    We went for 2 rounds, and then he stopped, la!d on the bed and I said to him. “What better way to say congratulations and kissed him”…..

    To be continued.

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