RN STORY!!! Love Is Happiness (Episode 3)

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    Hi Guys,

    We started this story some days back and every body seem to be loving it, so we want to give you more of it.

    Fresh episodes will be released every Friday, Saturday and Sundays.

    Let’s continue – No dulling?

    [Episode 3] Read Previous Episodes (HERE)

    Nazeal: **bowing** Mama, good afternoon.

    Mum: **touching my head** Afternoon my son, how was the lesson?

    Nazeal: **Dropping my bag and sitting down** Went well ma! Am really hungry now mama, what did you cook?

    Mum: **smiling** I knew you would ask of your food, but before you eat anything, go and take your bath.

    Nazeal: **standing up** okay ma.

    Mum: **looking at me** Nazeal.

    Nazeal: **looking back** Ma.

    Mum: **looking serious** I want to discuss something with you but that would be after you take your bath.

    **Thank God, because am not even ready for any discussion now, over tired dey worry me.**

    Nazeal: Okay ma!

    **Hmm, i wonder what my mother wants to discuss with me because she looked serious.

    I rushed to the room, changed my clothes, then fetch a bucket of water and rushed out to take my bath.

    Oh i forgot my towel, i rushed in to get it and came back outside.

    Ah, I even forgot to take my soap and sponge, no need self..

    I poured the cold water on my body, then hurriedly wore my clothes and rushed inside..

    I went inside my room and lay down on the bed when i heard my mother calling me in the sitting room, that was when i remembered that she said she had something to discuss with me.

    I wore my clothes and almost ran to the sitting room.**

    Nazeal: **sitting down** yes mama, you called me.

    Mum: Yes, my son, i want to tell you something.

    Nazeal: **anxiously** Mum, am all hears!

    **She talked about my upcoming SSCE, That i should prepare very well inorder to pass the exam and maybe sit for the UTME JAMB**

    Nazeal: Mama, i would do everything to make you proud.

    Mum: One more thing is about that girl Mary that you follow about all the time!

    Nazeal: **suprised** And what about her mum?

    Mum: You must stop seeing her.

    Nazeal: **shocked** Why? I can’t do without her, she is my everything.

    Mum: And i insist u must stop seeing her unless you want me to stop fending for your higher education.

    Nazeal: **standing up** Cut it off mum, how can you tell me that i should stop seeing her….You can do whatever you like. My life will be frustrated if i don’t have Mary to think of in my life”.

    **My mother looked at me in surprise at the words i had spoken and wondered what had become of me.

    Throughout my life, i had never contested my mother’s wishes or instructions.

    She was therefore utterly dismayed at the defiant words that flowed out of my mouth.

    As she sat there confused. I stood up and left her.

    Nazeal: I am going to look for her. She is my heart and i can’t afford to let her out of my life.

    I hope am doing the right thing, yes i know am doing the right thing.

    Or is there still more to it?

    I don’t think so!!

    To be continued.

Re: RN STORY!!! Love Is Happiness (Episode 3) by Golden Crown Gifted: 5:39 pm On February 9, 2019

    You Are Not Supose To React Like That

Re: RN STORY!!! Love Is Happiness (Episode 3) by AYNL: 9:37 pm On February 9, 2019

    Getting More Intense

Re: RN STORY!!! Love Is Happiness (Episode 3) by stryka: 11:36 am On February 10, 2019


Re: RN STORY!!! Love Is Happiness (Episode 3) by young nekwon: 6:53 am On March 1, 2019

    you have no option

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