RN STORY!!! Love Is Happiness (Episode 4)

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    Hello RepNaijas,

    Your Favorite episodes story “Love Is Happiness” Is back.

    Fresh episodes will be released every Friday, Saturday and Sundays.

    Let’s continue – No dulling?

    [Episode 4] Read Previous Episodes (HERE)

    My mother had four children of which i was the second.

    My father left my mother when i was only two.

    Due to the size of the family which she had to bring up alone, we had to fend for ourselves as soon as we became teenagers.

    My elder brother fell off the line of education because of the lack of fund and i would have joined him if not for my resilience and will to succeed or atleast obtain my SSCE certificate.

    I did all kinds of menial jobs from pushing wheel-barrow **you collect people’s load and put in the barrow then take them to their destination**,

    Doing sales boy etc just for money.

    So when i called my mother’s words a sham, i had a reason for doing so, though some might suspect i put it a bit too strongly.

    Why would she allow me grind bitterly in life like that and then boastfully say that if i didn’t stop seeing mary, she would stop seeing me through higher education.

    What had she done for me in my lower education?
    When i got to Mary’s house, it was as if our parents had conspired to sabotage our love.

    Yes, because mary’s father (Mr. Kevin) called me into his hall to talk to me as soon as he saw me.

    Nazeal: **bowing** Good evening sir.

    Mr. Kevin: Evening my son, how are you?

    Nazeal: Am fine sir.

    Mr. Kevin: **looking at me** Nazeal, I want you to understand that you are still a young man and have alot of time ahead of you in life……

    **Hmm, where is this man heading to? IS this an advice or what? Time will tell**

    Mr. Kevin: **pause a little then continue** Although i appreciate your help and attachment to my daughter, i wouldn’t like you to jeopardize your future becuase of her”.

    **I was already feeling uncomfortable but i still want to know where this man is heading to.

    I started looking around if i could see Mary but she was nowhere to be found**.

    Mr. Kevin: Both of you are young and if you don’t take care. You would run yourselves into trouble and that would be a very big trouble. What i want you to do is to forget about each other for the time being and concentrate on your coming exams as life is one step at a time. I don’t want you to be as intimate as you had been because you are both growing into adults and any unreasonable act might be disastrous. I hope you understand, Nazeal.

    **Indeed, i did not understand Mr. Kevin’s words at all just as i had never understood my mother’s.

    I was so shocked that when i stood up to leave, my legs wobbled and i fell down on his center table. I would have hurt myself from that fall but for my sharp reflexes.

    Mr. Kevin: Hey nazeal, please go gently, don’t injure yourself.

    Nazeal: **in tears** Okay sir, i’ll be fine…..

    To be continued.

Re: RN STORY!!! Love Is Happiness (Episode 4) by AYNL: 8:30 pm On February 10, 2019

    They Have There Reasons Jor

Re: RN STORY!!! Love Is Happiness (Episode 4) by Golden Crown Gifted: 4:52 pm On February 11, 2019

    You Can’t Be Fine Bro

Re: RN STORY!!! Love Is Happiness (Episode 4) by stryka: 10:02 am On February 14, 2019


Re: RN STORY!!! Love Is Happiness (Episode 4) by young nekwon: 6:59 am On March 1, 2019


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