RN STORY!!! Revenge Of A Dead Girl (Episode 13)

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    Hello RepNaijas,

    Your Favorite episodes story “Revenge Of A Dead Girl” for the day is here as promised.

    I beg you don’t miss this story!!!

    Remember that fresh episode comes your way everyday.

    Checkout previous episodes HERE incase you missed any.

    Let’s continue – No dulling?

    [Episode 13]

    “How foolish…” I mumbled my favorite line, watching everyone be an idiot about a simple blackout and a storm.

    As they were running around the classroom and panicking, an image caught my eye making me snap out of my deep thoughts. With wide eyes and unstable breathing, I stare at her figure, sitting on her usual desk, she caught me staring at her causing my heart to sank deep down. I thought she would be mad at me or worse try to harm me, but instead, she showed a thin smile with her eyes almost closed. The smile she always show me whenever I help her in her problems.

    Why are you smiling at me?
    I did something horrible to you…

    “Young ji” I mumbled, making everyone stop and look at me “its… Young ji” I mumbled again, staring at the empty space where she was just now.

    She suddenly disappeared like the wind, as if she was carried away. Almost as if, she was only a spirit who had return to do what she had to do.

    It started to pour really hard, the pitter patter sound of it was deafening to our ears since it was too loud. Strong winds even made the windows burst open so we had to put some things over it to keep it closed, and the swooshing sound it makes kinda made our state worse.

    “Calm down everyone, I think the storm will be over later so stay still as we try to contact the police to make you reach your home safe.” Our homeroom teacher said, pulling out his phone and dialing the number of the police station.

    “You mean we are staying here until night?!” Fei yelled in frustration, I looked at my watch and its currently 6pm. “I have an appointment with someone!”

    “It’s for your own safety, I don’t want any of my students getting washed off by the flood and end up floating lifeless on rivers.” He answered, quite the plan he has. It’s better to stay here than dying outside.

    “That’s a good idea sir” I exclaimed “We should stay, considering the circumstance it is better to remain here until the authorities arrived to escort us to our homes safe and sound.” I looked at everyone and they were reluctant to agree.

    “Excuse me?” Fei scoffed as she stood up, crossing her arms while sending death glares at me. “If you want to stay then stay, I’m not gonna wait my a-s here until this school gets washed away.” She was about to walk out of the classroom but Hyemi suddenly appeared at the doorway, soaked and wet from the rain.

    “What happened? Aren’t you supposed to be on your way to the hospital?” Jina asked, staring at Hyemi all soaked and filthy.

    “The storm is too strong I can’t even see anything outside except for fogs and rain” She muttered and we all looked outside to see nothing but darkness. As if the windows were covered in black papers, and our only source of light is the emergency flashlights and our phones, if we’re lucky, a lightning would occur that would lighten up the whole room for split seconds.

    “Oh s–t, my phone is almost out of battery.” Joon said as he annoyingly threw his phone back in his bag and leaned on his chair, putting his hand above his head as a pillow.

    “We better save power before it runs out. We don’t know how many hours we’ll stay here.” I suggested, and everyone nodded their head at me for the first time.

    The storm outside is dreadful. Loud roars of thunder and lightning are all you can hear and some of my classmate’s mumbles and scared cries.

    It is quite inconvenient, but we have no choice but to wait for the storm to end.

    “Umm… I want to go to the restroom.” Irene sheepishly said, breaking the silence and raising her arm politely.

    “It’s dangerous to go alone, take Hana with you and keep your phones close to you.” I suggested, as Hana willingly went to Irene’s direction.

    “Umm, thank you Yooma.” She showed a shy smile at me, and went out of the room while clinging unto Hana’s hand.

    After that, the silence enveloped the whole room once again. We remained on our seats, not daring to speak and hoping for the time the storm stops. We waited and waited but it seems like this weather is not gonna listen to us, this storm looks like it’ll be here until morning.

    “Hey, what happened to the two who went in the restroom? It’s been fifteen minutes already.” Our homeroom teacher asked, looking all tensed and worried.

    “Hey, relax Mr Chan. Girls always takes so much time in the restroom.” Joon said from his seat at the back row, earning nods from the other boys.

    But still, our teacher is not convinced and left the room to look for the other two, giving the authority to our PE teacher to look over us in the meantime.

    I was about to say something but the two girls suddenly entered the classroom, making everyone’s eyes land on them with confusion.

    Hana was crying as she grip onto her phone, while Irene was patting her back, trying to comfort her.

    “What happened? Are you hurt? Did you see Mr Chan on your way here?” The PE teacher drowned them with questions as he walked towards them.

    “Her boyfriend called her” Irene remarked, looking all sad and empathetic “They broke up.”

    To be continued.

Re: RN STORY!!! Revenge Of A Dead Girl (Episode 13) by AYNL: 9:28 am On February 11, 2019

    Rubbish,i Thought It’s Something Serious

Re: RN STORY!!! Revenge Of A Dead Girl (Episode 13) by Tash: 10:28 am On February 11, 2019

    Go after that stupid Joon next

Re: RN STORY!!! Revenge Of A Dead Girl (Episode 13) by Golden Crown Gifted: 4:47 pm On February 11, 2019

    Mtcheew!,i Even Thought It Is Something Better Or Maybe That Is How Yung Ji Wants To Deal With Her

Re: RN STORY!!! Revenge Of A Dead Girl (Episode 13) by James: 8:17 pm On February 16, 2019


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