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You Are Here: Home » Celebrities » Seun Kuti Has Vowed Never To Buy Expensive Cloths For Any of His Kids Again (His Reason Will Shock You) - By On August 13, 2018 At 8:56 pm

Seun Kuti has said that he will no longer buy expensive clothes for his children as they quickly outgrow them.

He said this turns out to be a waste of money. He recently bought an expensive dress for his daughter, but she no longer fits into them and according to him, judging by the cost of the dress, it is supposed to grow alongside the girl.

The singer then went ahead to mention that the expensive clothing and brands Africans go for is more or less comparable to modern day slavery.

“I remember this day very vividly. Never buying expensive clothes for my kids. Can’t tell u how much I bought that effing dress she’s wearing. These brands are sucking the life out of black people!!

“The attachment to the ‘brand’ and ‘branding’ still has the same effect as slavery trust me. Gucci gang naaaah more like Gucci’s slave.

“Well back to my personal rant. Now I asked @chefyeide for it and she says. Haba she is four now she can’t fit in it anymore, whaaaaaaat really? For that price this dress should grow with @adarakuti if that’s not the case GET THE SAX.”

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