[Story] A Trip To Paradise – Expect The Unexpected! (Episode 25)

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    Hello RepNaijas,

    We bring you another fresh episode of “A Trip To Paradise” for the day.

    Trust you all will enjoy it?

    Let’s continue – No dulling!

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    Terence: “I am very sorry, common love, it is me your boy o, you know that we have come a long way and the truth is that I am getting married because my parents are on my neck and then I touched that my stupid fiancé only once and the next thing she got pregnant. Can you imagine? That girl is so dump and naive. You are the only one that I have ever truly loved. Please sweetheart. See, even if I am married, I would always be available anytime you need me. It is a promise” he lied.

    Funmi: “Let go of me” she screamed.

    Terence: “I won’t, you are my life”, he drew close and held her behind and began to kiss her. Soon, her anger gave way to lust and they began to kiss and smooch. She pushed him on the bed and he began to undress her. In that moment of guilty pleasure, she forgot that he was supposed to use a condom on her. For minutes, he was inside her banging and pounding and she was underneath him panting and moaning. When he was about to cum, he tried to get out of her but he couldn’t, in a few seconds, he found himself pouring his seeds deeply into her. After few seconds, he tried to disengage himself to clean up to no avail.

    Terence: “can you adjust a little let me come out?” he asked obviously confused.

    Funmi: “adjust where? Do I need to do that before you go out?” she teased.

    Terence: “I am trying to come out but…” he wiped the sweat that was forming on his brow.

    Funmi: “You are so naughty, stop kidding jor. You don’t want to come out so that we will not continue our quarrel abi? I will soon collect all my things o, don’t think this quickie is enough to bribe me” she tried to push him away but he was stuck.

    Funmi: ‘Ehn! Egba mi o, my enemies have gotten me today. Try harder and come out now”, she screamed hysterically at Terence who was sweating profusely.

    Terence: “It is not coming out now, hey I am finished. Who said I should come here today? What will I tell Chioma? Our white wedding is just by the corner, I am finished! See where greed and selfishness has led me” he lamented.

    Funmi: “Just shut up there, look at the person talking, what do you have to lose? I am the one who is in trouble here, what will my husband say and do when he finds out? What will people say? My image, my reputation, my dignity, everything is at stake here. Oh, my children, what will they think of me after now? I have always known that you will bring bad luck to me, I felt it the first day we met. I don’t know why I kept you till now” she began to cry.

    Uncle Izu tried to call Kachi for several months after he returned from the China trip and his wife informed him that she had sent Kachi away because he attempted to rape her. He could not reach Kachi and that was because Kachi in a bid to start life all over again had changed his mobile numbers. Uncle Izu was having a tough time with Uriel who spent all her time on cigarette, alcohol and sex. Since he could not meet up with her excessive demands for sex, he had ignored the fact that she was using different sex tools to satisfy herself on their matrimonial bed. That was not the cause of their quarrel that day, uncle Izu had expressed displeasure at Uriel who was bringing in men to sleep with her in their home. When he tried to talk to her, she had picked a fight with him saying it was her body and that she had the right to do whatever she wanted with it.

    Uriel: “Excuse me Izu, I need to use my vibrator now!” she screamed at him, jerking him out of his reverie.

    Uncle Izu: “I beg your pardon? I am here talking about your promiscuous attitude and excessive intake of cigarette and alcohol and you are telling me to excuse you so you can have fun with a sex toy?” he shook his head with disbelief.

    Uriel: “I don’t know how on earth it is your business what I do with my body. I will have fun with whomever and whatever I want and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it. You think this is Nigeria where only the men have the right to cheat on their husbands?” she asked with sarcasm.

    Uncle Izu: “We have a daughter, Uriel. Please, for her sake, amend your ways. She sees you using these sex toys and going into our bedroom with men, this is not good for her mental and psychological upbringing. What morals are you teaching her for God’s sakes? Do you want her to grow up and end up like you?” he pleaded with her.

    Uriel: “What is wrong with a daughter taking after her mother? Or, are you jealous that a vibrator can do what you cannot do?” she taunted him, picked the half full bottle of whiskey beside her and emptied the content in her throat in one gulp.

    At the insult to his manhood, uncle Izu lost control of his temper and slapped her hard across the face. The slap sent her crashing on the bed. She got up, staggered and charged at him, reeling of alcohol.

    Uriel: “What! You have the guts to raise your filthy black hands against an American citizen? You have touched the tail of a lion, I am going to make sure that you spend the rest of your miserable life in prison” Uriel picked up the telephone beside the bed and called the police and reported a case of violence against her by her husband to the police. The police assured her to stay calm as they were on their way to the address she provided. Then she picked up the bottle of whiskey and charged at her husband who knowing how dangerous she can be ran out of the room. He ran down the stairs, jumping two steps at a time. She ran down too but in her drunken rage, she missed a step, slipped and fell, rolling down the stairs, when she got down, there was blood on her head, uncle Izu felt her pulse and was shocked to the bone to find out that she was dead. His daughter who was in the sitting room watching her parents began to scream.

    “Daddy, you have killed my mummy”, the pretty innocent girl screamed.

    Hot tears of fear and regret began to stream down his eyes as he heard the blaring of police horn…….

    See you guys tomorrow for a fresh episode jare, you don’t want to miss it. Your comments will be appreciated.

Re: [Story] A Trip To Paradise – Expect The Unexpected! (Episode 25) by Eneh francis ifeanyi: 9:07 pm On April 16, 2019

    That nice
    this security not gud for our country

    Its not easy being a man
    See what two brothers went through because they wanna make it in life
    This story had taught me alot


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