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If You Missed Episode 12, Read It Here! The Story Continues, Read Below:-

“Mrs Johnson, where’re you going to? “he asked her softly.

” You ‘re not only stupid,..but You’re also blind,.. Cant you see i’ m dressed for the office,…. And pls you’re sacked, i dont want to see you anywhere around my office,… Go and meet your useless sister in Ghana,… “she threw at him.

Richie was busy searching for something in his briefcase,…. He then brought out a file.

” Just what i wanted to tell you,…. Mrs Johnson, i wish to let you know that i’m now the CEO of my father’s companies,…. Trust me I didn’t touch any of your properties, you can keep them,… Stay away from my father’s companies , i dont want to see you anywhere around them,……. This is a restriction order from the court,…. If you want to dare me, defile the orders then you’ll know how mean i can be” Richie threatened his mother.

Mrs Johnson couldn’t believe what she just heard,…. She thought everything was under her control before she left the country,…… How could she be this careless,… Imagine Richard talking back at her,…. She slowly went through the papers and nodded her head,…”

“. Richard, i hope you’re fully prepared for this battle you’re about to embark on,….. “she asked tapping her legs on the floor.

” Yes, i am fully prepared, is there any part you dont understand in the paper,…. I’m almost late for work,…. “he asked his mother who eyed him wickedly.

” Richard remember, i birthed you,… You dont have any right to take away my husband’s properties from me while i’m still alive,… “she said softly.

” If you make any silly attempt to contest this in court, i’ll take your matter to the village,… You know they have been waiting for you,….. You’ll explain to them what happened to their son,…. “Richard knows this is what his mother detest so much in life,…. Visiting the village is her worst nightmare, and she has been warned against stepping her foot in the village by her supreme supreme,…..

She quietly dropped the cup of coffee on the table and stood up,

“So what am i supposed to do now,….. “ she asked Richie.

” You have your own businesses and politics to manage, just stay away from my companies “he warned her and exited from the sitting room.
” This is unbelievable, how can my own son cause my downfall,… I trusted this boy,.. I gave him access to my office, thinking i have him under control,…. He doesn’t know the doom they would bring to me by taking their father away from me,….. Imagine a powerful woman going down just like that,….. I’ll ruthlessly deal with Richard “she swore to herself.

She called her best friend on phone and asked her to meet her in one of her hotels,….

She drove out without her bodyguards,… She is the shadow of herself, the thought of what will happen to her scared her the more…. She arrived her hotel to meet her friend already waiting for her…

“I just cant believe what you said,…you mean Vanessa came all the way from Ghana and took her husband away,… This is serious,… I told you to waste this man long time ago but you refused,…. Look at what is happening now,… We need to act fast,…”

“If i had killed him, his people and children will deal with me,….. You’re lucky your children were still young when you killed your husband,…. You were able to scale through because everyone believed your story,…… But me i cant,,…. But I’ll rather kill him than watch him destroy me before my time”.

“Vanessa has really crossed the boundary,.. After what she did to me many years ago, she still had the guts to return to my house,… This shows that Richie have been communicating with her behind my back.. They have been planning this a long time ago, i’ve been foolish,…. Richard claims he doesn’t know his sister’s whereabout, whereas he knows where she and her husband eloped to,,,…… Chaiii, i caused all these,…. I’ll deal with each and everyone of them that have a hand in this,….. They don’t know how far i’ve gone to acquire this power, i’ll destroy them alll!!!!! ”

“Good talk,.. Let’s visit the supreme supreme and know what she has to tell us”.

“Thank you my dear, i pray she gives me a listening ear”.

They finished their drinks and drove out in their different cars……
– Edited By DJ ATM
TO BE CONTINUED…… If You Are Enjoying This Story, Drop a Comment & Share!!!

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Re: [Story] Meant To Be – Episode 13 by Zinayi: 1:17 pm On May 20, 2018

    Supreme supreme!!!!! Is Richard’s mum a cultist?? Next episode pls!!! This story is getting interesting.

Re: [Story] Meant To Be – Episode 13 by Victoria David: 3:55 pm On May 20, 2018

    Who is this their supreme supreme? Anyways they can’t destroy anyone……… Kudos to the writer and editor…….next pls

Re: [Story] Meant To Be – Episode 13 by G.P.J: 4:49 pm On May 20, 2018

    Next please

Re: [Story] Meant To Be – Episode 13 by Abduljeleel: 9:07 pm On May 20, 2018

    wat do u expected. I knw she will b a cultists. riche watch ur back

Re: [Story] Meant To Be – Episode 13 by Anonymous: 7:55 am On June 1, 2018


Re: [Story] Meant To Be – Episode 13 by Ocj popo: 9:06 pm On June 6, 2018


Re: [Story] Meant To Be – Episode 13 by Anonymous: 5:15 pm On June 25, 2018

    Next pls

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