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    Hello RepNaijas,

    This is another very interesting and Enchanting story series on RepNaija. You won’t regret reading it.

    After we started “The Victims” few days back, and the turn Up was really mad, so today we decided to give you guys more.

    Trust you all will enjoy it?


    Let’s get started – No dulling!!!

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    Queen was by every meaning of the word a slay queen. She was of average height, light skinned complexioned, with a face that could pass for that of a model. She was curvy with bums that was flattered by her petite body and boobs that looked like they would pop out of the push up bra that she always wore. She was never caught off guard, as her face was always made up with her dress to kill attitude. At 300 level in the university, Queen had slept with most of the randy lecturers on campus and for boyfriends, she had most of the deadly male cultist as her toys. It was a wonder that she had not joined any cult group and that was because her father had threatened to place a curse on her if she ever joined any illegal group on campus.

    Queen and her clique of friends were known as the happening babes on campus. They had the latest wears, hair extensions and frequented the most expensive restaurants in town. Her university was located in the federal capital territory of Nigeria and so she had politicians as boyfriends and sugar daddies.

    She had a two bedroom well furnished apartment in Maitama without the knowledge of her parents who thought that their daughter was living in the university hostel.

    Her friend Asha was also a slay queen and the two girls because of their similar life styles lived together in the same apartment. Queen although 24 years old had phobia for sleeping alone in a room. That was the reason why she had asked her cousin whose parents could hardly afford to pay her fees to come and live with her. Mercy for that was her cousin’s name was more than glad when Queen invited her over. Mercy was a quiet and studious girl who didn’t joke with the things of God. She was finding life on campus very difficult because her parents were the poorest of the poor who couldn’t even afford to pay her fees. Mercy who had never had a space of her own for lack of money to pay hostel fees was squatting with one friend or the other until Queen invited her over. As a mark of her appreciation, Mercy cleaned the house and washed the dishes every day. A first glance at her in the house and one would think that Mercy was a maid in Queen’s house.

    Mercy who did not approve of her cousin’s way of life wondered how her cousin had become that rich on campus when she was from an average home. Several times, she had thought of opening up to Queen’s parents about the kind of life that their daughter was living in the city but the fear of being thrown out by Queen and the dread of the embarrassment associated with squatting with different girls in the hostel kept her shut. So, whenever Queen’s parents called Mercy to ask after their daughter, she would put in good words for her and tell them how hard she was studying. Afterwards, she will go on her knees and with tears ask God for pardon and mercy for lying.

    It was on a Saturday morning and Queen woke up early as usual to take her bath and make up her face. Asha who was also awake was busy ordering things online.

    Asha: “Queen, did you see this Kim Kardashian gown I saw in one online store in Instagram” she asked her friend when she came out of the bathroom.

    Queen: “no, let me see” she said and collected Asha’s gold iPhone 7 which was a gift from one of her sugar daddies on her birthday.

    Queen: “wow, it is fine o, I like the neck line. This one will just bring out my boobs ehn” she said touching her boobs fondly.

    Asha: “I tell you o, this gown will make men cum in their trousers. I am getting it” she said.

    Queen: “How many days does it take for them to deliver it and how much is the gown?” she asked cleaning her body with her hand towel.

    Asha: “the dress is N90 thousand and if we want express delivery, we will pay extra N10, 000 so that it can be delivered in two days”

    Queen: “Okay. That is N100, 000 all together, place an order for me too. I want the dress. There is this dinner I have to attend with alhaji, this is what I will wear there. By the time I package my breast and bums inside the dress ehn, alhaji will almost eat me with his eyes”

    Asha: “Yes o, pepper them things. Them go hear am for this town, with this front and back wey we carry, omo na die!” she said and the two girls clasped their hands together.

    “Lord have mercy”, Mercy who had just finished praying said.

    Asha: “Na wetin be that one? Abeg who talk?” she asked turning around sarcastically.

    Queen: “who else but my holy cousin?” she asked in a mocking tone.

    The two girls laughed out loud and long. Mercy was not moved, she was already used to their mockeries.

    Mercy: “Queen, are you going out? I thought we are supposed to go for tutorials today? Exams start on Monday o” she said for emphasis.

    Queen: “So what if exams start on Monday? Is this the first time I would be writing exams in my life? So I should not enjoy myself again because exams start on Monday abi? Babe abeg free me, if you don’t have any better thing to say, just go back to that your mattress and continue talking to God” she said cleaning her face with her cleanser.

    Asha: “Mercy sha, you funny o. Tutorial ko, tutorial ni. Even when I was in 100 level I didn’t go for tutorial, is it now that I will start attending? Ehen babe” she said addressing Queen. “When are we going to the salon? It is that N150, 000 Peruvian hair that I want to fix this time around”

    Queen: “Let us go today now, after all today is Saturday. I need to fix my nails and eye lashes, seff. Then my pink lips balm has finished, I need to get another one. I will buy the Peruvian hair and fix too, you and I will be twinning this week”

    Asha smiled. “You see why I love you? You too soji abeg. We are just the perfect match, on to twin bad gang levels” she said and hugged her friend.

    Mercy: “Queen, 150 thousand just for weavon in this reception? Haba, remember that your parents are struggling to feed and pay the fees of your younger ones o, won’t it be better if you send this money to them? Or better still, I think you should invest this money in something that can yield profit in the future. All the money that you have been spending on clothes and weavons and cosmetics is more than enough to buy a plot of land. Please think about this” she said gently, afraid of annoying her cousin who was her benefactor on campus.

    Queen: “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! How many times did I call you? Free me o, what is your business with how I live my life. In fact what is your own with how I spend my money? Is it your own money? No, tell me now. Why should I send money to my parents? Are they not the ones who are supposed to be sending money to me?”

    Asha: “I don’t blame Mercy o, shebi it is because we are staying in the same room with her, that is why she has the guts to talk trash” she said sighing.

    Queen: “It’s you that caused it, now. You know that I cannot sleep alone in a room and yet you will be sleeping out every night. I had no option than to bring her in to live with me” she said adjusting the strap of her push up bra.

    Asha: “Babe, the girl stay for here favour us. At least she cleans the house, washes our clothes and does the cooking. We are already used to her talk jare, allow her stay after all we will soon graduate by next year”

    Queen: “Abi o, that is my dear”

    Mercy shook her head and went to the kitchen to tidy it up, if only she could afford a space in the hostel, she wouldn’t have to put up with this shit…

    More is coming, just check in every Wednesday for fresh episodes of this story. Please Comment below and Share!

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