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    If You Missed Episode 14, Read It Here! The Story Continues, Read Below:-

    The next day, I told momma about my car,,,, that i don’t want another car from Dad. But she wasn’t happy about it. She doesn’t like the idea of a girl spending for a guy,,, She advised me again telling me all sort of things. She said that, she’ll also talk to Mirabel about it, to stop spending on me. She continued saying that, She can use her money to support your home when u get married if possible and not to be spending on me anyhow now. Telling me to wisen up and be the man in the relationship and not otherwise. She added that she will be sending me extra money apart from my Dad’s so that i won’t depend on Mirabel. It was then she understands why i don’t call home for money when I’m in school. She made me promise to be man enough like my Father.

    I didn’t enjoy her advise at first, but when i later thought about it,,, she’s absolutely right.

    Later that day, I decided to call my Uncle the Engineer… But he didn’t pick up, he could be busy or something.

    I called Promise, we spoke for a while about when we’re resuming because the school has resumed already. She said she will resume next week, i told her i will be leaving home next tomorrow. She then changed her mind to resume in three days time.

    I called Mirabel, and the following conversation ensued after the pleasantries…

    Me:- I shall be leaving home in two days time and u still haven’t told me about the stuff u hid for me

    Mirabel:- (Laughs) Did u even try to find it at all?

    Me:- Well, i did tried

    Mirabel:- I doubt if u put in your best to find it,,, I know u. Check inside your old school bag u hung on the wall

    Me:- U came to my room?

    Mirabel:- Yep, Nancy gave me a tour

    Me:- So, she knew about the stuff?

    Mirabel:- Yep but not the content

    Me:- Okay, i will check it out after the call, So when are u going to school?

    Mirabel:- You’re going next tomorrow right?

    Me:- Yep if nothing comes up

    Mirabel:- Okay, see u then

    Me:- Next tomorrow?

    Mirabel:- Yes

    Me:- Great, i miss u so much

    Mirabel:- I miss u too sweetie

    After a little more chat, we ended the call. I went straight to my old school bag to fish out the stuff. I saw a parcel, i brought it out and sat on my bed to rip the wraps open …

    **Phone Rings**

    I picked it up.

    Me:- Hello Sir

    Uncle:- How are u? I saw your missed call

    Me:- I’m fine sir,,, I just called to hear from u

    Uncle:- Okay, I was busy supervising a building site. So how’s everything, studies and all?

    Me:- All fine sir, but I’m at home still on break

    Uncle:- Okay, it’s alright. Call me when u get back to school

    Me:- Okay, bye sir

    Uncle:- Okay, greet Naomi for me That’s what he calls Nancy, saying he don’t like the name ‘Nancy’

    Me:- I will sir and greet Jonas and Justina for me

    Uncle:- They’ll hear,,,,, take care ko

    Me:- Yes sir

    Uncle:- Alright

    **Hangs up**

    I ripped off the wraps, it was an iPad and a 4G SMILE wireless modem. Then i saw a piece of note that read….

    “The small device is a 4G wireless modem containing 10gigabybe of data that u can be using without subscribing with your phone anymore. It will be renewed every month but u shouldn’t worry about the subscription, it’s in place to be renewed automatically and u will be getting 10gigabyte of data every month. The wireless password is ************ and please share with Nancy, it can cover the whole house. It’s charger is in there, U charge it when the battery runs out.

    The iPad is yours baby, go to the video folder and see something.

    Bye for now my love”

    Woah! Unlimited data for me,,,, enough internet activities for me. My happiness faded a little when i remembered what Momma told me.

    I switched on the iPad, and went straight to the video folder, there was only one video in it. I opened it and saw that it was the video tape of us kissing on campus. I was like what?!

    I quickly placed a call on her and she picked up almost immediately

    Me:- Hello Mirabel

    Mirabel: Hi sweetheart, I’ve been expecting your call

    Me:- Anything?

    Mirabel:- Not really, I believe U’ve seen the package?

    Me:- Yeah,,, Thanks sweetheart, i appreciate it big time but,,,, what’s the video for?

    Mirabel:- U don’t like it?

    Me:- No as in, I thought u and your cousin got rid of it all?

    Mirabel:- Yea, It’s kinda romantic so i kept the last copy for myself and u, but it seems u don’t like it

    Me:- Not like that babe,,, its just that, u and your cousin did a lot to get it off the internet and individual’s devices, so what if it gets leaked again?

    Mirabel:- Who is going to leak it? Me or u?

    Me:- Babe, U should understand that anything can happen,,, it’s truly romantic, i know, and it can be a good memory of us being together but anything can happen dear

    Mirabel:- What can happen?

    Me:- If anyone apart from u and i get to know about it, then it’s out

    Mirabel:- How can u be so sure?

    Me:- I watch a lot of movies babe

    Mirabel:- So, U are telling me that, Lola and Cynthia can’t be trusted?

    Me:- What? They know about it?

    Mirabel:- Sure, it was even their idea to keep it and share to u as well

    Me:- Mirabel…..

    Mirabel:- What?

    Me:- Tell me, who specifically brought the idea?

    Mirabel:- Lola,,, why?

    Chai oh!!
    TO BE CONTINUED…… Drop your comment and share

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    Very interesting next pls

    lola is very dangerous, next episode pls

    Lola!!!!! Guy this is dangerous be careful Ad u better tell Mirabel about her before its too late

    Thx for the author this is charming one
    However how can I get other episodes from 15


Re: [Story] The President’s Daughter And I (Season 2) – Episode 15 by Black handsome: 6:16 pm On October 12, 2018

    That Lola of a girl is something else.. I can’t imagine why she is behaving like a green snake under the green grass..

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