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    The President’s Daughter And I (Season 2) – Episode 32, Read Below:

    The First lady called me later in the evening to know if the kidnappers had called to ask for anything, I didn’t tell her about it. I only assured her not to worry that we’re seriously working on their rescue. I made it known to her that Marcus is not going to hurt Mirabel because he is obsessed over her and wants her for himself.

    Vincent and I engaged ourselves in both joint and personal prayers for God to deliver the girls from the hands of Marcus save and unharmed.

    My mother called me that she heard what happened and asks if I’m Ok; I told her I will be fine. She then asked why Nancy’s line isn’t going through. I couldn’t lie to my mother so I summoned the courage to tell her that she was also kidnapped with Mirabel. She screamed in shock and started crying out loud instantly. So I ended the call. The boss (My Dad) called me minutes later asking how it happened; I told him that Nancy is friends with the President’s daughter and she was with her when the kidnap took place.

    The boss:- How did she even become friends with the President’s daughter?

    Me:- Through me because she’s my friend and course mate

    The boss:- The President’s daughter Schools here in Nigeria?

    Me:- Yes sir

    The boss:- I think that boy Marcus is being used by those politicians. The election is in few months’ time and they could be using his daughter against him and I do hope that my own daughter doesn’t fall victim in their political affairs

    Momma:- **Weeping from the background** They should let my daughter go oh… ritualists leave my daughter alone oh… politicians my God will punish you if anything happens to my daughter…..**Weeping continues in the background**

    The boss:- The President has to do something fast about it

    Me:- We just have to be praying hard for their save return

    The boss:- It’s okay…do not hesitate to call if there’s any information

    Me:- Yes sir

    The boss:- Alright take care of yourself

    Me:- Ok sir

    **Hangs up**

    Marcus must pay for my mother’s tears!

    I took some time to work in the website and put some things in order as the other guys must have already done the uploading.

    Vincent:- Have you thought about his request?

    Me:- I dunno…could it be a trap as Frank said?

    Vincent:- **Puts his hand on my shoulder** I know you will make the right decision because I trust you

    Me:- Thanks mahn

    Vincent:- **Walks back to the kitchen**

    I really had no idea on who the lady could be. I couldn’t even think of anyone that would be partnering with Marcus. And what does she even want from me if Marcus is telling the truth? Chai! Lord have mercy.

    Vincent did an all-night prayer while I managed to sleep.

    I woke up the following morning; did my prayers; took my laptop and sat in the parlor. Frank walked in and dropped what he brought on the table.

    Me:- What’s that?

    Frank:- Breakfast

    Me:- Okay…

    Frank:- I also purchase some papers because of the headlines

    I took the newspaper and saw the handsome and innocent face of Marcus being the mastermind in the kidnapping of the President’s daughter.

    Then I started thinking of what my response would be; whether to go to him or not. I started expecting his call. Then I’ll tell him whatever that comes out of my mouth.

    Ike called me later that morning that he’s already in the airport and the following conversation ensued.

    Ike:- Accept to meet with him

    Me:- Are you sure about that?

    Ike:- Positive

    Me:- What’s the plan?

    Ike:- The thing is, you’re going to stall him so that the meeting won’t take place today. We’re going to place a tracking device in your possession that will lead us straight to him.

    Me:- Wouldn’t it be risky? What if he guns me down on the spot?

    Ike:- You shall put on a bullet-proof vest just in case that happens. Oh! The jet is ready …time to go; see you in few hours’ time

    Me:- You’re coming with a jet?

    Ike:- Yep my jet

    Me:- Oh okay…. Save trip

    **Hangs up**

    He even own a jet…I told Vincent and Frank about Ike’s plan; they agreed that it’s a good one.

    Many hours passed and Marcus still didn’t call me. Ike landed safely in Abuja. He called me that he is now in his house. He built the house while in the U.S and this is the first time for him to enter the house.

    Vincent, who knew the house, drove us there and the mansion was a wow! Ike himself was a billionaire.

    Vincent stopped in front of the gate; stepped down from the car towards the gate; he spoke and waved his hand at the security cam and the gate opened on its own. He walked back in to the car and drove us in. On driving in, we saw Ike walking towards us before we alighted from the car.

    Ike:- Welcome guys!

    *Ike and Vincent hugged each other for many seconds*

    Vincent:- Longest time bro…I once again apologize for not attending your wedding

    Ike:- I will get mad if you apologize again **Laughs** Victor!

    Me:- Thanks for coming **we shook hands**

    Ike:- You look horrible mahn! Don’t worry; we’ll get your girl soon

    He also shook hands with Frank

    Ike:- Has he called yet?

    Me:- Nope! He didn’t keep to the time

    Ike:- He’ll call. Let’s go in please…

    We went into his fabulous mansion; both the exterior and interior were extremely beautiful.

    He introduced the four experts he came with to us and they showed us how the devices work. We waited for Marcus’ call till nightfall but he didn’t call.

    The first lady called me that night; I told her about Ike’s arrival to help in the search of the girls. I assured her that everything will be fine.

    We slept there in Ike’s mansion that night after eating a delicious meal for dinner.

    The experts trained us the following morning on how to defend ourselves from danger, how to use a Taser and a gun using blunt bullets to neutralize the enemy (That’s for Vincent, Ike and I because we don’t want to kill someone using a real gun) they also taught us how to defuse a bomb in case the situation gets to that.

    Marcus called me during the training as an unknown caller and the following conversation ensued.

    Me:- Hey I’ve been expecting your call

    Marcus:- Leave whatever you’re doing right now and go to your apartment; you will meet someone there

    Me:- Who? Is it the lady?

    Marcus:- Make sure to be there in twenty minutes and any foul play? Your sister will pay for it with her life; got it?

    Me:- Please make it thirty I’m very far from the apartment

    Marcus:- Twenty-five **Hangs up**

    Me:- Hello hey?!

    **The ba$tard hung up on me**

    Me:- Guys I need to get going ASAP

    Ike:- Alright alright! Go put on your shirt…

    I put on my shirt; they fixed the tracking device chips all over my body about seven of them as they were very tiny. They fixed it all in my pockets, in my socks and my boxers; I also put on the bullet-proof vest. Ike and the rest reminded me of the instructions and then they wished me luck. Vincent hugged me as if I going to die or something before I hit the road with Mirabel’s SUV that Frank has been with.

    I drove as fast as I could to meet the time.

    My phone rings after about eighteen minutes of my drive and it was Marcus.

    Marcus:- It’s been twenty-six minutes; hope you’re there already?

    Me:- Yes I am

    Marcus:- No you’re not there a$$hole!

    Me:- I’m very close; two more minutes please

    Marcus:- Stop where you are now

    Me:- What? Why?

    Marcus:- Just stop there!

    Me:- Ok…alright I’m pulling over

    **He hung up**

    I pulled over at the spot and alighted from the car. The area was very free; no passer-by and there were bushes all around the area.

    A mini-van drove to where I was standing; some guys came out from it and told me to follow them that Marcus sent them and I did. They first drove me to the apartment where they parked the SUV. From there they took me away to heaven knows where.

    They stopped about seventeen minutes later and drag me down from the van. We walked a couple of steps before they stopped.

    There I saw myself standing in front of Marcus in a thick bush.

    Marcus:- Here you are

    Me:- Can I see them?

    Marcus:- Not so fast **Nodded at his boys**

    The boys came ripping off my clothes

    Me:- What’s going on?!

    Marcus:- Don’t worry…I’m not going to kill you; sorry for the inconvenience, it’s just for security reasons

    Me:- A terrorist being security conscious…are you kidding me?

    Marcus:- You and I know that I’m not a terrorist. I might have been a bad guy but I also take precaution. You even wore a bullet-proof **laughs** that’s smart but unfortunately…I’m not going to shoot you

    The guys completely got me naked leaving no piece left on me. They brought a bag and dropped it on the floor beneath my feet.

    Marcus:- Open it and wear the clothes inside

    *I did as he said*

    Marcus:- Nice dress, it really suites you

    Marcus:- Now!!

    Me:- What?

    I got a very hard hit behind my neck that made me passed out.

    I woke up feeling pain around my neck and my sight was somehow blurry. I looked around and found out that I was in an uncompleted building full of spirogyra and all sort of dirt.

    Things will be more complicated as I don’t have the tracking devices on me. Now that I’m also missing…how will they find us?

    I heard footsteps and looked at the entrance and saw three people coming in with a lady in their middle.

    Lady:- You’re finally awake

    Me:- **Shocked** You…?

    Lady:- Miss me?


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    am so very sure that the lady is Dorothy, coz she made it clear that no one will have Victor

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