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    You know that awkward moment, when your pastor tells you to look striaght into the eyes of the person seating beside you and say “I love you with all my heart”.

    But you imagine that when you turn to the person seating beside you will be a beautiful girl with blue eyes.

    Girl:- I love you with all my heart.

    Akpos:- can we kiss?……..

    But actually when you really turn the person seating beside you is a guy with a gay look.

    Gay guy:- I love you with all my heart (licking lips)

    Akpos:- I am a lawyer! And my dad is a Judge!

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    hahahahaha and your sister is a prison keeper.

    Hahahaha akpors baba u 4 wait make the guy kiss you na

    hahahahaha, your mum is a police officer, your brother is an inspector general and your sister is a warder.

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