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We are back again on our Episodes story titled “The Girl I Met On Facebook” with the final Chapter that will blow your mind.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this one.

I booked a hotel for a week, which I have never done before in my entire life. All for me to show her how real and sincere my love is for her.

During our stay in the hotel it was one call after the other from my dad and my mum and it got to a stage my mum keeps crying always, asking and begging me to come back home.

The 3rd day of our stay in the hotel, I made love to my wife to be, it was so sweet, romantic and spectacular as i always love to say it, though it was not easy to confuse her on it bcos she stood her ground not to fall victim of a heart break again, but the sincerity she saw in me and my courage to leave my parents house all because of her really help on that.

HOT!!!  RN STORY!!! “The Girl I Met On Facebook” (Chapter 3)

I went with some of my father’s people to Calabar for the introduction, it was elaborate, that was after 6 months.

Then she became pregnant, I hide her from people until the pregnancy was 8 and half months before my parents knew.

There was nothing that can be done anymore.

November 3, 2014 I became the proud father of Mide. The love still wax stronger by the day.

I looked back and I say everything happened for a reason and that reason, whatever it is, is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Thanks Oluwashelly, Thanks Ogomide, thanks to everyone that stood by us through the tough times.

You can truly find love online but it might not have this kind of ending and it might.

I pray your story ends much more fabulous than mine.

I love you all.

I had to skip lots of it, just to finish it today.





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