The moment a helpless mother watched her son battle with Coronavirus was captured on video and it is no doubt that the video clip is a very sad one to watch.

Dr. Anna Zimmerman – a neonatologist in Denver, Colorado – took her four-year-old son Lincoln to the hospital on March 30 after he had high fever and cough.

The mother-of-three, a neonatologist specializing in the treatment of premature and sick newborn infants, said,

“He just keeps getting worse. So as a doctor, I could see those medical things happening. And as a mom, it’s just gut-wrenching, right? As a parent, I was just focused on trying to stay calm while he was having a coughing spasm.”

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Her son, as she described in medical terms, had retractions – when the muscles between the ribs move.

Zimmerman and her husband kept a close eye on the spread of Coronavirus in Italy and China – and took their children out of their extracurricular activities just days before Colorado schools closed.

Gracefully, Lincoln has now recovered from the virus and is back with his family.

Watch a video of the lad fighting for his life below (Courtesy of CBS news)


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